#197 (9/16/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Images through Social Media and internet websites enter the soul, the temple of the Holy Ghost, and become part of our being.  These images influence the thought life and eventually manifest themselves in speech and deeds.  These images are a powerful force that redirect our eyesight away from God onto the things of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Many times things heard and seen on the computer make their way into personal conduct and communication corrupting good manners.  Remember, Eve LOOKED at the fruit and then DESIRED it!  Looking influenced her soul and spirit, to the point where she desired something forbidden and wrong.  Wrong images turn the heart of a believer to desire the world!  The Christian, in this modern age of computers, must be vigilant, attentive, cautious, and guarded concerning what they look at.  

Please read Genesis 30:25-end of chapter.  This is the story of Jacob and Uncle Laban.  After being deceived by his uncle, Jacob finally receives Rachel and desires to go back home.  Notice in verse 27 what Laban says.  He confessed, essentially, that because Jacob repented of his anger over his deceitful ways toward him, that God blessed him (Laban).  Laban wanted his blessing to continue without changing his evil ways.  Jacob, determined to separate from Laban, makes a deal with him.  They agree that Jacob take the speckled, spotted, brown, and ringstraked of Laban's flocks.  Also take note of verse 35.  Laban removes the weakest, poorest, and most feeble and gives them into the hand of HIS sons, and Jacob continues to look after Laban's flocks.  Later, Jacob returns to his own flocks and puts rods before their eyesight (verse 37).  In this situation, Jacob wanted the Name of the LORD.  The speckled, spotted, brown and ringstraked looked upon the weakest, poorest, most feeble letters of the Hebrew alphabet:  The yod, the hay, the vau, and the hay again.  The rods were the Name of the LORD!  Read verse 43 again.  "And the man (Jacob) increased EXCEEDINGLY"!  Prosperity comes through looking at the Name of the LORD!  True images are transferred into the soul and spirit when gazing upon the Word of God.  His lovliness and holiness, through His Word, produce true prosperity that blossoms in the soul and spirit.  Studying the Word negates the maleficence of the old heart that can cause us to desire the world.   The Word is not maladroit!  The efficacy of the Word is without argument!  It causes the Christian to desire HIM and forsake the world.  Watch your eyes!!!