#198 (9/19/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

In eternity past there existed the souls and spirits of man in the loins of God in seed form.  In time there are 3 classes of people:  1. sinners  2. foreordained 3. predestinated.  Let's talk about "foreordained" for a moment.  Please read 1Peter 1:18-20.  We see that Christ Himself was foreordained.  This word foreordained means to walk a certain path, prior knowledge, to voluntarily choose.  We see that, since Jesus was foreordained, His journey on earth consisted of continuous, consecutive choices to do the will of God and die on the Cross.  This is substantiated by John 10:15.  He chose to lay down His life for the sheep.  Now read John 6:38.  We see again that Jesus forsook His Own Will so He could choose the Will of the Father.  Further corroboration is found in Matthew 26:39.  He made a choice to stay in the Father's Will; He was foreordained and made choices to do the Will of the Father.  There are also seeds who are foreordained.  As Jesus, these seeds continually choose to make choices for God in time and make spiritual progress as long as they make right choices.  In the event they begin to make wrong choices, their spiritual progress is hindered; many eventually choose against God and His Son and return to the world.  These seeds have the opportunity to be predestinated - - - based upon the choices for God they make.  Please read Ephesians 1:11 and Romans 8:28-30.  We see in Ephesians that some are BEING predestinated and in Romans God DID predestinate.  The foreordained ones are BEING predestinated by their choices in time and God DID predestinate those He did foreknow.  Foreknow  means a prior choice, a prior confession, to limit in advance. Those seeds who made a prior confession (eternity past) He DID predestinate.  Choosing the LORD in eternity past qualified the seed to be predestinated in time. Foreordained seeds are fenced in (predestinated) on a daily basis by right choices. Daily they are building a fence. Those who He DID predestinate come into time with a fence around them because of prior choices.  

We know from prior lessons, 10% of our being is conscious.  90% is unconscious.  In eternity past it was the exact opposite.  The LORD reversed the order when the seed was introduced into time.  For those predestinated, they chose God in 90% of their will.  Time is to get the last 10% converted with right choices.  The status of a seed in time is based upon choices made in eternity past.  This conveys the powerful influence of a right choice.  Those predestinated CHOSE sin so that they could know the Son as a Savior and Redeemer in the remaining 10%, thus making a 100% choice for the LORD (and becoming the Bride).  All seeds were placed in Adam in the Garden of Eden.  When Adam and his wife sinned, the predestinated ones were joyful because they knew the remaining 10% of their will would be converted by right choices when they came in to a body.  Thus, 100% would choose Him and the Bride was a waiting reward.