#200 (9/23/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

                                                 (Please read #199, if necessary, to familiarize yourself with the subject.)

In every situation, the Christian can respond in one of two ways.  First, he/she can confess God as unjust by wailing, weeping, and blaming others for the removal of his/her pleasure.  Sin and idolatry cast a fog of deception across the human heart and establish attachments that successfully keep the eyes off the LORD.  Being deceived, the heart wallows in sin under its powerful spell.  Second, the Christian can repent of what God is illuminating at the time.  He/she can be joyful that the LORD had shown them something to repent of - - - this leads to restoration and joy.  Put another way, one can have earthly sorrow over lost pleasure and "riches"  (Revelation 18:19), or one can have godly sorrow which leads to repentance and restoration. 

Please read 2Corinthians 7:8-10.  God's judgment is poured out on all unrighteousness which is a clarion call to seek Him and repent of sin and idolatry.  Restoration, peace, and joy come quickly upon the heels of repentance.  

Affection is the touch in the soul realm.  The soul reaches out, at times, to the world looking for an attachment to something that gives pleasure and satisfaction.  Sin binds the Christian through the affectionate attachment.  We are to lift up holy hands and bind ourselves to God through our affection, the touch of the soul.  When our affection is deceitfully bound to an attachment of the world, judgment comes to redirect that affection back to the LORD.  Judgments realign, recalibrate, redirect the heart to where the affection reaches upward and restoration is made.  Follow this simple equation:  godly sorrow + repentance = restoration and joy.  

The apostles and prophets in heaven could rejoice because they knew the equation and employed it in their earthly lives.  They knew what benefits would soon follow if repentance was made.  Godly sorrow means having an awareness that God has been wronged.  Earthly sorrow means the recipient of God's judgments has been wronged.  There are four manifestations of worldly sorrow:  1.  The Christian is hurt over the punishment.  2.  The Christian laments over a ruined plan.  3.  The Christian mourns his/her own loss.  4.  He/she bewails the loss of outward, creaturely comfort.  Judgments issue from the hands of a loving Father; He wants ALL our being and that includes our misplaced affection.