#201 (9/26/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Opening comments:  There are two types of foreordained ones.  The first type is the group that does make it to the New City as a result of completing their "wall" of choices.  The second type is the group that, for whatever reason, cease making their choices for God while on earth (in sin) and do not make the New City.  The blueprint for stages of light is seed, blade, ear, full ear.  A seed has a lesser capacity to retain light than an ear or full ear.  All truth is given in seed stage.  Truth grows and expands in the heart of a believer as he/she develops toward maturity (full ear).  A seed of truth can be brand new in the blade, ear, and full ear stages.  This is why one scripture is limitless in its revelation.  Think about this:  God is a God of LOVE.  Being omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent He could be any type of God He wants to be.  So, why is He a God of Love?  BECAUSE HE CHOSE TO BE!!!  He chose LOVE above all things!  

Fallen Lucifer was created fully mature. His capacity for light, when he was created, was mature as well.  When he peddled his wares among the stones of fire, the souls and spirits of man were in SEED form.  Lucifer used his mature (full ear) light to make himself appear more than he actually was in the eyes of the seeds.  Being seeds, the souls and spirits of man only knew limited light.  He projected himself as someone who had greater light and wisdom; not only that, but also promised the seeds more light.   He deceived the seeds by promising greater light.  It is important to understand that the LORD, in His Word, does not always explain truth through an analogy, parable, or story.  Sometimes He reveals truth through a principle.  God has 66 principles that are immutable, unchangeable, never wavering.  Learning by principle means finding one of His 66 principles and applying it somewhere else in the Bible to explain another story or event.  We can understand truth through direct revelation or through principle.  In the case of fallen Lucifer, we know how he approached the couple in the Garden of Eden, what he said, and what were his tactics.  By principle, we can discern how he enticed the seeds in the loins of God (going in reverse), and how he entices present day man on earth (going forward).  The principle is the same in every scenario.  He deceived Adam and Eve with the promise of more light, he did the same with the seeds, and does the same with Christian's today.  Because he was mature at creation, he had mature light.  His deception included peddling good and evil or pleasure and pain.  Some seeds chose pleasure; in this life on earth there are those who constantly seek their own satisfaction and pleasure to the point where it is an obsession.  Conversely, we all know someone who wallows in their own pain, dejection, despair and negativity.  They are dark, morose, and morbid.  Some seeds did not accept the "greater light" (good and evil) of fallen Lucifer; for one good reason.  Please read Proverbs 5:21 and Proverbs 4:26.  The LORD created the seeds with the ability to ponder.  Ponder means to weigh, to decide, to choose.  Some seeds utilized this capacity to ponder what fallen Lucifer was peddling.  Their conclusion was rejection of his "greater light" of pleasure and pain (good and evil).  Some seeds chose totally against Lucifer!  The Son of God was in a humility form, a seed.  The seeds rejected Lucifer and chose their Creator Who was also a Seed!  They pondered the "greater light" which didn't make sense.  The Son of God made sense!  Those that rejected fallen Lucifer, choosing the Son of God, were taken to the New City.  Read Romans 8:30.  Those He did foreknow, in the New City, the seeds who rejected Lucifer, He DID DID DID DID predestinate!  

Jesus, in eternity past, was truthed-up by the Father in the New City (Proverbs 8:31-32).  When the seeds who chose the LORD were taken to the New City, they were introduced by the Father to the Son as His Bride.  The Father introduced the seeds to the Son Who would become their Bridegroom. He guaranteed, through predestination, that the Son would have a Bride.  As He (the Son) was being truthed-up, He, in turn, truthed up the seeds.  Truthed-up in what?  The Word of God in theory form.  Jesus received theory from the Father and the seeds received theory from the Son.  

This lesson will be continued in #202 - - - see you there!