#202 (9/26/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

(This is a continuation of #201; please read #201 if necessary)

Please read Proverbs 8:31-32.  These two verses can be split up into two categories.  Verse 31 refers to eternity past when the Son of God was in the New City being truthed-up by the Father.  His delights were with the seeds in the New City who rejected Lucifer as He, in turn, truthed-up the seeds.  The Truth was theory---for the Son and for the seeds.  Verse 32 refers to Time.  He calls the seeds "children" who must keep His ways by choosing the Truth, in Time, by experience.  Jesus, as our Master Example, made the journey before us to show the Way.  He was truthed-up in the New City, in theory.  He came to Time to choose the Truth again by experience.  As a result, having chose the Truth in theory and experience, He was made both LORD and Christ.  The seeds were also truthed-up in the New City by the Son in theory.  The seeds are passed into Time to choose the Son (Jesus) again in experience.  Joining the truth in theory and experience, they become the Bride.  Predestination was a guarantee to the Son that He would have a Bride!  There are two types of choices:  1. eternal choices and 2.  Time choices.  Eternal choices are those made for the Truth (Jesus) in eternity past in theory.  Time choices are those made for the Truth (Jesus) in time by experience.  The goal of the Father is to join the eternal choices, of the seeds, to time choices with the reward of being in the Bride.  Spoken another way, He wants to join theory and experience in the life of the seed.  Sound familiar?  

Please read John 17:5.  He was asking the Father to glorify Him for choosing the Truth by experience as He did for choosing Him in eternity past when He was being truthed-up.  

Jesus, upon His death, screamed, "It is finished"!  What?  What was finished?  He was saying, "My eternal choices match my time choices; I can now be made LORD and Christ"!!!  When the eternal choices of the seeds match their time choices, they will then be made the Bride.