#203 (9/30/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Sermon given at the  conclusion of Women's Retreat 2018: "I will go!"

Please read Genesis 24:1-64.  The characters in this story are Abraham, Isaac, and Eliezer.  We know from past lessons that a natural story or picture is a detailed explanation of an event in the spiritual realm.  Abraham represents the Father, Isaac the Son, and Eliezer the Holy Ghost.  Abraham admonishes his servant to find a wife for his son from among his own kindred or blood relatives.  In verse 15-16 Rebekah comes to the well and immediately draws the attention of Eliezer; she had the same character and displayed the same recognizable traits of Abraham.  Eliezer said in his heart, "I recognize her, she acts just like my master!"  Notice in verse 16, Rebekah filled a pitcher and came UP.  The well was a deep hole that she had to descend in to.  After introduction was made and Eliezer realizing this is the one for Isaac, he gives her bracelets.  These adornments were given to represent her as being the "chosen one".  Eliezer began to describe her potential bridegroom.  She wanted Isaac just by the way he explained him.  She made a choice to leave all her familiarity and comfort through the description of a  servant.  She fell in love with the bridegroom without ever seeing or hearing him!  It took Eliezer (the Holy Ghost) to lead Rebekah to Isaac (the Son) by telling all about him.  The believer has never seen the Bridegroom, but we know a lot about Him through the leading and guiding of the Holy Ghost.  Rebekah was the chosen one, but she still had to make a choice and say, "yes".  

The distance between Rebekah and Isaac was approximately 600 miles.  She made her decision with no regard to the journey that was required to get to him.  Notice in verse 42 Eliezer says, "And I came THIS DAY unto the well".  The Hebrew connotation is he arrived at the well the same day he started his journey.  Just like Israel traveling 120 miles in one night during their exodus from Egypt; just like Phillip being taken to the Ethiopian eunuch reading Isaiah in his chariot, Eliezer with 10 camels was transported to the well where he would meet Rebekah! 

In verse 58, after being asked if she would go with Abraham's servant, she simply says, "I will go".  Based solely on the testimony and description of the servant, she makes a choice to go on a journey.  To become a Bride, Rebekah needed a journey of 600 miles sitting on a camel.  Wind, sun, personal discomfort, hunger, thirst, dust and dirt, were all involved in her journey to meet her brdegroom.  She endured whatever was necessary knowing her lover waited for her at the end of the journey---based solely on the testimony of Eliezer!  At the well, Abraham's servant perceived something about her:  how she ruled over the camels and did what was necessary to quench their thirst.  She went UP and DOWN the stairs of the well many, many times while ruling over their thirst and doing what was required.  The Bible does not record any objection, protestation, or exasperation spoken by her---she ruled over the camels without complaint.  Her vehicle to the bridegroom was a camel; she sat on top of the animal and ruled over it knowing it was her transportation taking her to Isaac.  The LORD has given each believer a "camel" to be used as transportation for the journey to the Bridegroom.  As Rebekah, we should rule over this "thorn in the flesh", this "affliction" realizing it is the vehicle by which we get closer and closer to the Bridegroom.  Rebekah said "I will go", but had to ride a "camel" to Isaac.  Throughout the journey, Abraham's servant continued to expound his personal knowledge about the bridegroom to Rebekah.  

Look at verse 64.  At the sight of the bridegroom, SHE LIGHTED OFF THE CAMEL!!!  When she finally reached him, the camel was no longer needed!  When the believer is within sight of the Bridegroom, personal crosses are no longer needed!  In verse 64, she became his wife and he loved her; he was comforted by her presence.  The journey began with a simple confession, "I will go"!