#204 (10/17/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Amos 9:18.  This verse of scripture is referring to the Millennial Reign.  The ground of the earth will be extremely furtile; so much so that the seed will immediately sprout and grow into a mature plant that produces fruit.  When Adam sinned through disobedience he passed the effects of sin on to the whole earth.  Sin penetrated the soil.  When a seed is sown it has to battle sin in order to bring forth new life.  This is why there is such a long time between sowing and reaping mature fruit.  Sin effects the growth of a seed.  

Please read 2Peter 3:10.  Speaking of the Second Coming (the day of the LORD), we read the earth will be purged with refining fire.  The Second Coming is first, then the Millennial Reign.  In between each, the earth experiences a purging of fire.  This fire, among other things, deep cleanses the soil and removes the hampering impurities of sin.  Adam corrupted the earth when he stepped out of the garden, fire purges the earth when sin is removed.  With the impurity of sin removed, a seed no longer has to struggle to bring forth new life in the Millennial Reign.  

Please read Matthew 6:9.  Jesus teaches the diciples how to pray and begins with "hallowed be thy Name".  He established the Headship of His Glorious Father before proceeding any further in the prayer.  Everything begins with recognition of the Name of the LORD and its exalted position.  His immutable Headship is the Cause of all things.  Christians are to praise the Master Plan of the Father and confess His Headship first!  By doing so, they put themselves in proper position with relation to His Name.  All things flow out from His Master Plan and Exalted Headship.  

The LORD wants to commence a "Millennial Reign" in the hearts of every believer after they grow up and understand His Headship.  Remember, in the Millennial Reign a seed, when sown, immediately produces mature fruit.  The LORD wants to do the same in the garden of the heart of His Bride.  The seed of the Word of God is sown in the heart.  With sin removed by the fire of the Holy Ghost, the believer can experience the mature fruit of that seed.  As the "soil of our earth" is purged from the impurity of sin, the fruit of the Word of God is produced in the life of the Bride.  Please pay special attention to the following noteworthy sentence:  A believer's greatest ministry is INSIDE!  Above all else, the conversion of the heart is most important.  He wants us to dress and keep our own garden (inside) and then subdue and take dominion (outside).  The equation is simple:  let the fire purge sin and make a change on the inside first, then direct your attention to the outside and take dominion over and subdue it.  In order to DO right a person must BE right!  He/she must have an inner conversion first in order to be able to execute right choices.  Back to Matthew 6:9.  Hallowed be thy what?  NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME!!!  The Name is to be made known in the garden of the heart (inside).   Get the Name lifted up in every situation first.  When it is exalted inside,  then we can have dominion over the situation on the outside.  

What is anger?  Anger is an indication that the garden on the inside is not being governed by the Name.  Additionally, anger is idolatry---the believer making his/her name known above the Name of LORD.  Humans BOSS God.  They project their own name and assume the position of god.  Anger is also an indication that the kingdom has not come inside the garden of the heart.  What is the kingdom?  His Name!  In the absence of the Name of LORD, Christians willingly assume the role of god and pronouce their own name in the exalted position.  

What is the first ministry to every believer?  To express His Beautiful Name and Headship on the inside to receive an inner conversion.  By confessing His Name a seed is planted and the fruit is reaped immediately.  The fire (sin) purges our earth so seeds can be planted and we experience a millennial reign.  Thank God for the fire!  The Second Coming is to take place in the heart NOW.  Peace is not present because of the absence of a storm.  Peace is usually found in the MIDST of the storm.  Peace is a fruit that can be experienced when the Name is exalted in the garden of man's heart.  Man is capable of doing the right thing the wrong way by making his name known and totally missing the intended inward conversion.  When our name is made known, we forfeit any benefit that could have been received through any given situation.  The first ministry is INSIDE!