#205 (10/21/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Matthew 6:9-13.  The LORD Jesus Christ taught His diciples how to pray, teaching them to first establish the holiness of His Father's Name.  Before all else, lift up the Name of LORD and exalt the Headship, positioning Him above every situation as the Supreme Cause of all things.  Hallowed be THY Name; not my name!  He is the Head over EVERYTHING!  There is no event, condition, quandary, or dilemma that transpires that does not originate from the Master Plan and the Supreme Cause.  Jesus instructs us as well as His diciples to first position the Name above; exalt His Headship and Master Plan.  Whether low, high, or somewhere in between Christians are to make His Name known right where they are.  Christians (the Bride) have a tendency to challenge God the Father with their deficient, woefully inept version of the torah that originates from the "old fool" in the dark recesses of the midnight will.  We pit our torah against the perfect knowledge, wisdom, and Torah of God.  When this happens, the Bride is guilty of idolatry; setting our torah above the Torah.  There is no event too small where we cannot exalt His Name and Headship.  The battle is whose Name will be lifted up - - - our's (fallen Lucifer's) or His!

Please read Matthew 7:9-13.  Notice here that MANY shall justify themselve before God.  Supporting their justification, they proclaim how much they used the Name and what they did with it.  Look at what they did:  they prophesied, cast out devils, and performed wonderful works IN THE NAME.  They exalted their own headship and bossed the Name and God.  Yes, they did wonderful things in the Name because God blesses for His Names' sake.  Whenever the Name is used for whatever purpose, the blessings will arrive because of the Holiness of His Name.  Apparent, outward blessings do not always indicate that an inner (inside) change has been made.  Our first ministry is inside!  Everything they stated they did in His Name Jesus called iniquity.  In verse 23 He said, "I never knew YOU, YOU, YOU!"  They were supposed to manage their first ministry and let the Name change them on the inside.  Under their own headship they ruled the outside events without having the inside transformed into His Image and Likeness.  He blessed for His Names' sake, not because they remembered their first ministry.  In a word, it was all INIQUITY; taking the wrong direction by bossing God and bowing down to their own headship.  Christians must first establish His Headship in EVERYTHING.  

In Matthew 6:11, we read He provides daily bread.  He comes to us through events, dilemmas, problems, and conditions to greet us with daily bread.  It is part of His ministry to provide bread (daily circumstances) to all believer's.  We miss the bread, we scorn the bread, because it doesn't come in the form we like - - - it's inconvenient.  We scorn the hand of God and his bread when our torah rejects His offering by raising our headship above His.  After all, we know better than anyone else, including God, what type of bread we should eat.  A benefit of exalting His Name and receiving our daily bread is a keen awareness, a recognition, in subsequent situations, of the Name of the LORD.  We sense the Name is coming to us to feed inside.  How wonderful to be able to go through an event and sense the presence of His Name in the midst.  How does this happen?  By managing our first ministry:  getting the inside changed.  By not establishing His Headship first, we forfeit any benefit that it came to give in the form of daily bread.  How many times have we rejected God's bread by not recognizing Him as the Head?  How many times have we been guilty of iniquity by proclaiming our own name?  Our first ministry is INSIDE!