#206 (10/21/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The LORD pours out His blessing for His Names' sake.  Ministers, prophets, evangelists do many wonderful things in His Name.  The blessings that follow are frequently misinterpreted as a sign that nothing is wrong; why would God bless if He wasn't pleased and satisfied?  Blessings are not, in some cases, an indication that He is pleased.  Rather, He blesses the accomplishments of the power of His Name and remains unmoved against sin.  Man has an uncanny ability to do the right thing the wrong way.  He uses the Name under his own headship, receives blessings for doing so, and remains deceived about his own iniquity.  Man's iniquity is turning from the light of changing inwardly.  He would much rather boss the Name under his own headship and control outward events and conditions.  Not changing inwardly by letting the Name overcome sin is a heinous insult to the Name, the Father, and the Master Plan (Cause).  

Adam's will, in the garden, was not married to anything at first.  There were only two possiblilities that would allow marriage union in his will.  His will was naked, as it were.  The serpent knew, in order to be successful, he had to move from outside Adam's will to the inside.  He appeared outwardly with the intention of moving inwardly.  The serpent knew his only competition for supremacy in Adam's will was the Name of the LORD.  Either Leviathan's name or the Name of LORD could be made known through Adam and his wife.  The two were to dress and keep the garden then subdue and take dominion.  In other words, they were to make the Name of LORD known in their wills, then go outside the garden, subduing and ruling over the entire earth.  Notice the sequence:  get the Name inside first, then subdue and have dominion over the outside second.  Jacob received the Name on the inside first throughout the entire time he dealt with his uncle's intransigent deceit.  The Name came from within and allowed him to have dominion and subdue his enemies outwardly.  When he left Uncle Laban, Jacob was a very blessed man:  wives, children, flocks, etc.  Leviathan concocted his own evil "name".  He used the nature's of Mother Wickedness, Father Wicked, Abaddon, and Lucifer and presented this to Adam using deceit to mask its evil nature.  He presented his own 4 letters, imitatiing the 4 letters of the Name LORD.  We know what happened. . . 

Man now projects himself, His big "I", with Leviathan entwined around the "I".  Man is being manipulated, used, and deceived to make this Leviathitic "name" known.  The LORD's intention is to remove, divorce this nature and name from the will of man INSIDE first.  He wants to demonstrate on any worthy subject the power of His Name to crush the head of Leviathan and replace his "name" with the Name of LORD.  How does this happen?  Recognize the headship of the LORD in every thing  and make His Name known INSIDE.  Our first ministry is INSIDE!