#207 (10/24/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The straight and narrow path is wide in the beginning, but, as it progresses onward toward the journey's end, it gets narrower and narrower.  At the end of the path is the Father's Throne with a small door that the Bride must be small enough to go through.  Inside of the  throne (ark) is the Name of LORD.  The Bride must be willing to become very small, not only to enter into the ark but also to receive His Name.  In order to get the Name, the Bride must go inside the ark;  become so small that she can fit through the door.  

Mankind is going to make a name known.  His will was not created to stand on its own.  He was created to require support from within.  Presently, man is well equipped to make Leviathan's name known.  There is an imposter manipulating the will of man, causing him to make his name known through sin, iniquity, transgression and trespass.  There is an "inside", spriritual problem that displays itself on the outside through wicked, sinful deeds.  To have an outside change, there first must be a correction, an adjustment, made to the inside, spiritual problem.  This is why the Bride's first ministry must be INSIDE.  Allowing the LORD to divorce our will from the enemy on the inside, will cause the Bride to DO right and THINK right.  How does the inside change?  By making His Glorious Name known first!  Confessing His Name and Sovereign Headship allows the power of the Name to divorce the will from the fraudulent impersonator and his counterfeit name.  

The Bride's thoughts have the greatest influence on her deeds.  When the inside experiences a divorcement, deeds change as a result.  He wants to bring His Kingdom inside and rearrange, reinvent, reinforce the thought patterns and deeds with the Name of LORD as the support.  "Let the Kingdom come INSIDE MY HEAD"!!!  Small (seemingly) events and conditions strengthen the Bride by establishing His Headship.  Feeling weak in your spiritual walk?  One reason could be not recognizing the Name (bread) in the small situations of life.  If we gather bread crumbs in the small things we will soon have a slice and a loaf that will satisfy and strengthen.  

Please read Exodus 3:1-5.  In verse five, the LORD wants Moses to take special note of where He is standing - - - right now.  Take note of the place, take note of where you're standing; there is a Name here that is making this ground holy!  The LORD is asking the Bride to take note of where she is on the inside.  Where are you standing?  What name are you lifting up?  Whose name is being known - - - right now?  Wherever the LORD's Name is we will find holy ground.  We establish holy ground in the will by exclaiming His Holy Name and confessing His Righteous Headship.  Every personal event and those involved in it are superfluous.  Establishing the Headship and making His Name known INSIDE comes before all else.  When we see His Name inside, we prepare ourselves to see and recognize His Name when it comes on the outside.  First ministry:  INSIDE!