#209 (11/7/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Peace is elusive.  The modern technological world is the cause of stress, strife, and mental exhaustion.  Constant external stimulus overloads the brain causing frantic, unsettled and confused thinking.  Stress has a negative, internal effect on the vital functions of the body that, in turn, produce disease.  Stress can effect the heart and interrupt its normal function.  It can adversely effect relationships by making a person frustrated, impatient and indifferent.  There is a great need for peace in the modern day, especially for the professing Christian.  The Bible refers to Jesus as the Prince of Peace; this gives us a clue about where peace is found.  We learned in the last lesson (#208) that the LORD is also called the Great I AM.  Being created in His Image and Likeness, man, in his fallen condition, can be called the not-so-great i am.  Peace, at the top of the stature, is found at the Ark of the Covenant after growing up and maturing in the nature of the LORD Jesus Christ.  Peace is maturity in God.  The not-so-great i am, rather than climbing up the right way, would sometimes much rather provide its own "peace" and supply satisfaction through its own labors.   Bypassing the stature, it climbs up another way to the pinnacle of peace - - - while becoming a thief and a robber.  Any number of present day addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco, etc.) provide artificial peace the wrong way.  Addictions are an escape from the boring, humdrum circumstances of life.  The not-so-great i am promises peace which ultimately turns out to be bondage.  Fallen man would much rather provide for his own escape and "peace" and remain the boss than finding it in Jesus Christ. 

Fallen man's home is Time.  Time can be measured in past, present and future as well as yesterday, today and forever.  Man is commanded to grow up into  "the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ" and experience "I AM" at the Ark.  In other word, leave time and experience "NOW".  I AM is NOW!  Everything before the Father is NOW.  Redeeming the time is the same as saying climb the stature and turn time into eternity or NOW.  Detach from time and find peace now!  NOW is the day of salvation - - - now is the time to redeem earthly time and turn it into eternity. 

When Israel made their exodus from Egypt, the LORD gave them Moses, Aaron and Miriam as their leaders.  Moses was the King, Aaron was the Priest, and Miriam was the Prophet.  Fallen Lucifer, being the copy-cat that he is, also gave fallen man the ability to fulfill these ministries within his own corrupt will.  Man has a king, a priest, and a prophet that lead or rule his being.  Man rules by his king, his priest, and his prophet in time.  Spoken another way, he rules his past, his present, and his future by these three entities.  A king rules himself and others. A king demands and receives whatever he wants.  A king is the ultimate authority (the buck stops here!).  The priest is the one who inspects the sacrifice.  He finds fault and imperfections that would be grounds to reject the sacrifice.  The priest rejects or accepts according to what he sees.  The prophet speaks the mind of the old fool on the throne.  "Oh, I would never do that"!  "They'll never change - - - they've been doing that for years"!  "I can't be real for God because . . . ".  "If  God was a God of love, I wouldn't have to go through this"!  Man's tendency is to get bogged down in the past, present and the future instead of redeeming the time and turning it into eternity where the Great I AM is at the top of the stature.  Peace is forfeited when man's vision is fixated on time.  Peace is at the top of the stature so we can publicly go forth and do God's Will given by the oral law.  Peace is maturity in God.