#210 (11/11/18 morning)

Christians are commanded to grow, to constantly be changing by having the Word of God forming and molding the heart into His Image.  For growth to happen, new knowledge must be revealed for the heart to grow into.  There are two types of Word given to fallen man: the oral law and the written law (the ceremonial law was done away with upon Jesus' death).  Awareness of sin is a result of the written law.  If there were no written law there would be no sin.  Sin is a breaking of the law.  The oral law is given to a Christian who has grown into the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: the Ark of the Covenant.  The oral law accompanies peace, giving the believer personal messages of how to conduct their daily lives in public.  The oral law leads, guides, pushes and prods the believer regarding their actions and words.  An oral law message is personal and intimate, just for the recipient. 

Please read Exodus 20:1-2.  I AM is "being", a personal presence, existing now.  LORD is defined as absolute mastery and freedom of will.  He is a Revealer of the Word, the Plan, the Revelation.  Throughout the Bible, the LORD says, "that ye may know I AM the LORD thy God".  That we, as believer's, would receive new knowledge, new forms of the oral law, to experience Him in a new way so He can reveal Himself.  He wants us to choose Him without any feeling - - - so we can give HIM the feelings! 

Please read Isaiah 45:5-7.  In verse 5 we read that He was revealing Himself even when we didn't know Him.  One consequence of sin is the ability of man to err, to lose his way.  Getting lost and making errors are for us to experience Him in a new way.  In error He can reveal Who He is. 

Back to Exodus.  Besides being I AM and LORD, additionally He is THY GOD.  He is all energy, all movement, all power, Supreme over all darkness and opposition.  He has the Plan and the Power to implement the Plan.  God creates.  LORD gives the revelation of what is created and GOD creates.  When afflictions, sorrow, persecutions and pain come our way, we should ask the LORD to help us to look at the One Who is with us NOW and the new knowledge He is offering at the time.  No doubt, He is a Revealer of Himself!  He can help us to leave Time; leave the past, present and future and ascend up into eternity, NOW.  The I AM is with us NOW and gives the revelation of how to become more like Him on the inside.  God then creates whatever is necessary on the outside.  The circumstance will change when the I AM, LORD, has made an inside change.  Then God creates what is needed on the outside.  I AM the LORD thy GOD.  I reveal then I create.  He is the Author (He started it) and He is the Finisher (the one that creates to end it).  WOW!