#211 (11/11/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Daniel 10:2-6.  Please take note in verse 6 of the phrase "and his eyes as lamps of fire".  The word "lamps" in Hebrew is lap-peed.  Turn to Genesis and let's look at the same word lap-peed.  In chapter 15 verses 1-8 we read about Abraham wanting to know the Master Plan and Purposive Will of the LORD.  In verse 8 he asks the LORD, "how will I know?"  The first step in knowing the Master Plan and Purposive Will is make an offering.  Now read verse 17 in the same chapter.  God inspected the sacrifice with His Eyes (lamp/lap-peed).  After the fire from His Eyes inspect our sacrifice, He then reveals the Master Plan and Purposive Will for each Bridal Candidate.  His burning lamp goes through us and then we reap His Eyesight to see Him and His Will.  How will we know?  Bring a sacrifice, let Him inspect with His Eyes of fire and let Him reveal what's next.  

Please read Ephesians 1:18.  The eyes (lap-peed) of fire being enlightened that YE MAY KNOW . . . !  Knowing is having eyes (lap-peed) opened.  Letting His lamps inspect allows us to gain (reap) His eyes that we may know His Will for us.  When I accept His eyes of fire, I reap His eyes of fire.  Fiery eyesight from the LORD gives us a vision of the hope of His calling and the glory of His inheritance in the saints.  Now turn to Exodus 20 verses 18-19.  Lightnings is lap-peed.  At the conclusion of the giving of the law, the LORD came with His fiery eyesight to inspect Israel.  Instead of wanting to know what His Plan was, they retreated from the fire and light and told Moses they wanted him to talk to God.  The nation, as a whole, rejected the inspecting fire and light of the LORD's eyes, therefore, they were constantly at odds with the LORD about His Master Plan.  They chose not to know His Will.  

Please read Job 41:1-19.  This passage of scripture speaks of Leviathan, that old serpent, who imitates God because he is not a Creator.  He has stolen the things of God and made counterfeit likenesses of them.  Notice in verse 19 out of his mouth goes 3 types of fire:  lamps, sparks, and fire.  Up to this point we have been talking about fiery EYES, now we're talking about fire in the MOUTH.  Leviathan, that crooked serpent, has taken the fire of God's eyes and made counterfeit fire to put on the mouth (tongue) of fallen man!  Fire is not supposed to be on the tongue but on the eyes!  Now, when fallen man speaks, he has a counterfeit fire in his mouth that makes him KNOW everything.  We think we know when we say, "Oh yes, I understand".  The hardest member to control is the tongue with the serpent's fire on it!  We speak that we know . . . when we actually don't know anything about anybody or God's Master Plan.  When the eyes see - - - the mouth closes.  When murmuring and complaining fire is vomiting from the mouth, we are confessing that we DON'T KNOW!!!  Knowing God's Will comes through reaping His fiery eyes, not by spewing corrupt fire from the mouth!  (OUCH!!!)