#212 (11/14/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The Father, I AM, dwells in eternity (space) and is NOW.  Mankind is restricted physically to the Earth (time) and dwells in the past, present and future.  Time and Eternity are joined through the Cross, the Stature of the Son of God, Jesus, which allows mankind to leave time and climb, through Him, up to I AM.  The Cross, the Stature, affords man the tools needed to leave time.  Blood, Fire and Water are provided to allow personal crucifixion which is not intended to be shared with anyone except the LORD due to its personal and private nature.  Only the LORD need know the details of a believer's personal crucifixion.  It's okay to seek counsel and guidance regarding one's own struggles but, they are not to be shared with others.  The Stature is given to provide an avenue through which man escapes Time and experiences Eternity.  Eternity (space where I AM dwells) is where the Bride experiences peace and tranquility over her personal crucifixion and its associated heartaches.  The oral law comes from off the Ark and she is given personal direction and commands regarding who She should share with and attach to.  Put another way, the Bride detaches from her flesh through her personal crucifixion (in secret) to receive commands to attach to others and publicly share His crucifixion.  She detaches to attach.  To detach means to deal with just self and the attachments of the flesh to this world.  Also, allow the Kingdom of God to be established INSIDE first; to climb the stature and appropriate the efficacy of the blood, fire and water.  Additionally, leave earth and greet the I AM, the Father, in space, Eternity.  To attach means to allow the I AM, the Father, to direct the heart to come close to someone who He wants to hear the "old, old story" of Jesus and His crucifixion.  God wants to make the attachment to others under His control and Headship.  Jesus said if you have seen me,  you have seen the Father.  The Bride says, if you have seen me you have seen Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion.  To detach is all about the believer, to attach is all about everyone else.  The Bride selflessly shares the Bridegroom and His Eternal, sacrificial crucifixion so others can know Him like she does.  The Bride detaches to attach!