#215  (12/5/18 and 12/9/18 combined)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The ministry of the Bride is to grow up into the stature of the Son of God (Moses' Tabernacle) and share what she has received from Jesus Christ. This not only applies to natural circumstances but also applies after leaving the earth and in the presence of God.  Her ministry throughout eternity will continue to be sharing what she has received. There are 99 universes that need to be set free from their ignorance about Who their Savior is.  The Bride will bring the knowledge they need to be set free.  The Bride knows Who the Savior is!  As the Bride grows up the LORD wants her to watch Him, observe and ponder how He acts toward her.  When she is ready to go public, so to speak, He wants her to mimic, imitate, show to the world what she has received and give it away.  The Bride has become intimately familiar with the 12 governmental Names of the Begotten Son of God in the private place; she has BECOME on the INSIDE what He is.  The Bride allows what has been wrought on the inside to be displayed outside; so much so that she can say, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Bridegroom".  The Kingdom within is the establishment of His 12 governmental Names.  A Kingdom requires a King.  He sits on the throne of the heart of the Bride allowing her behavior to mimic and imitate Him - - - not through force of will but because it is her nature.  Her new heart dominates the old because the old has been transformed into the Image and Likeness of God.  In modern Christianity there is a saying, "WWJD" (What would Jesus do?").  The Bride doesn't have to think about what He would do - - - because her nature has been changed she automatically does what He would do.  He reigns on the throne of her heart (replacing the "old fool") and directs her with the oral application of how she should act. 

The scribes and Pharisee's had the outward, dogmatic law down real good.  They were obsessed with doing the written law and were just as adamant that everyone do it as well.  They were lightning quick to point out violations and trespasses of the law.  Because of their title and position you would think they were glorious examples of what to become.  Jesus called them "whited sepulchers" and "full of dead mans' bones".  He saw what they looked like on the INSIDE - - - the stature of the Son of God and the 12 governmental Names of the Begotten Son were missing!  They were obsessed with works on the outside but had neglected the greatest spiritual work on the inside:  receiving the Image and Likeness of the Son!    

There are two types of spiritual walks:  individual and collective.  The individual grows up in His Stature on the inside (establishing the Kingdom of God) to publicly walk collectively in the Brotherhood and do the will of God.  When growing up it is all about ME as an individual, doing the will of God is about the Brotherhood collectively.  The individual has a personal walk as well as a collective walk.  Knowing how to walk collectively is understood by first having an individual walk; having the Son on the INSIDE.  The invisible relationship on the INSIDE grants the Bride to accurately distinguish between good and evil.  Not having Jesus on the inside gives the believer a skewed view of what is good and evil.  To have a proper image of what is good and evil, according to His eyesight, the Son must be established on the inside.  Sinful man has contorted eyesight calling what God says is good, evil.  Conversely, he calls evil, good.  Israel, when on the border of Canaan's Land, sent in 12 men to spy out the land.  Ten of the spies returned and called the Land evil when the LORD called it a good land and a large, flowing with milk and honey.  Modern day Christians do the same thing:  evil looks good and good looks evil.  Please read Isaiah 5:20.  The reason our image of good and evil is opposite of God's is the lack of development of the Son of God on the INSIDE.  Only God alone (Jesus) can accurately call good, good and evil, evil.  His eyesight causes the Bride to have the proper image of what is good and evil.  To walk collectively in the Brotherhood means listening for His oral direction and allowing Him to minister to others at His behest.  He determines for us what is good and what is evil.  The Bride simply mimics and imitates Him!