#216 (12/13/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The natural body needs lots of maintenance. Clipping, shaving, shampooing, bathing, brushing, are all necessary to present the body to the public in a positive way. Being slack in grooming the body will cause it very quickly to become offensive to those unfortunate enough to be next to it.  The daily requirements of having a presentable body are a natural picture to the Christian of the same level of diligence needed to maintain the spiritual body.  Bible reading, feeding on the Word, prayer, study, worshipping, gratitude for all things, singing songs and hymns cause the spiritual body to be unoffensive to those around it.  Wonder what the natural equivalent to a spiritually angry attitude is?  As the natural body requires grooming, so the spiritual body.

There are two types of spiritual walks:  individual and collective.  Individually, the Christian grows up into the Stature of the Son of God and experiences personal crucifixion by using the Blood, Fire, and Water.  Establishing the Kingdom of God on the INSIDE brings peace to do the will of God.  After growing in the Son, the believer is then allowed to move over to the collective walk (the Father) where he/she gives what has been received on the Son's side.  The Bride gives her Image and Likeness (nature) that she received in her personal crucifixion while growing up in the Stature.  God, the Father, creates personal situations for the Bride to mimic the Son or give away His Nature.  The LORD chooses to give the Bride good and evil through her situations to give away the 12 governmental Names of the Begotten Son.  His Names (natures) are in the Bride; she is an accurate portrayal of her Beloved Bridegroom to those around her!  She highlights His Image and Likeness to a dead and dying world!  During creation, the Father removed Himself into the Unknown to allow the Son to be Known.  Likewise, the Son will do the same to allow the Bride to be His ambassador in eternity future.  The Lamb will work through the Bride to give what she has received to universes, planets, and nations.  The education the Bride receives during her earthly sojourn has eternal ramifications; she will continue to give beyond time into eternity.  On the Son's side, the Bride BECOMES like Him through personal crucifixion.  On the Father's side she is a DOER by sharing His crucifixion. 

Adam male and female (AM&FM) were told to eat of the other trees in the Garden because they were good for food.  They rejected those trees by calling them evil and instead ate of the forbidden tree calling it "good for food".  Because they didn't have the Son on the INSIDE (Tree of Life) they contorted and twisted the image of good and evil calling good, evil and evil, good.  In the Bride's world, her personal circumstance are good "trees" from which she can feed.  Our situations feed us; they are good for food! We must be very careful to allow the Son's nature inside to accurately denote a circumstance as "good for food".  Looking through skewed vision and calling good, evil and evil, good will result in not being fed by the situaition.  Caution is required to see things through His vision, not that of the old man. 

Please read IJohn 1:7-10.  Notice in verse 9 the words "our", "our", and in verse 10 "we".  There are two types of repentance:  individual and collective.  Now read Ephesians 4:15&16.  Notice that the body (collective) edifies itself in love.  The members of the body repent collectively, so much so that there is love within the body.  Please read Ezra 9:5&6 and Daniel 9:3-6.  These two precious men included themselves while repenting for the nation of Israel.  They were repenting collectively.  The Bride is expected to repent collectively for the redemptive brotherhood (the church) and the creative brotherhood (the nation and the world).  The Bride will include Herself while she repents for the church and the world!  By repenting individually and collectively the Bride always has a fresh covering of sanctifying Blood.  The Bride lives in the Blood!