#217 (11/20/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The Great I AM lives in the NOW; He is present, eternal, He is "being".  All is present and now in the eyes of the Eternal Unbegotten Father.  Creation lives in time as defined by past, present, and future.  The Stature of the Son of God, the Cross, Jesus Christ is suspended between time and eternity (creation and the Father) for the purpose of restoring unity and harmony between the two.  We are commanded to grow up into the Stature of the Son, the more perfect Tabernacle, not made with hands as Moses' Tabernacle was.  As the Christian grows he/she is separating from time and reaching up to find a new home in the NOW, the eternal.  God wants us to live in the NOW!  Getting above time, the Christian learns about the eternity of the Father.  Separating from time by using the Blood, Fire, and Water enables the Christian to leave creation below and delight in the Eternal Cause of all life, the Heavenly Father.  He is the Great I AM.  Made in His Image and Likeness, humans are the little i am.  From the Garden the battle has been which "I am" will be lifted up; the Great I AM or i am.  Why did Jesus come?  He came to deliver humans from their sin and to separate them from time.  Sin and humanity are an anchor around the neck of believer's that holds them fast to the past, present, and future.  

The Christian is told to "give thanks in every thing".  They are also told "by grace are ye saved".  The Name of Jesus means salvation.  By climbing His Stature we experience salvation progressively, daily.  Salvation comes through being separated from time and the events in time.  Grace means gratitude.  Through gratitude and thanksgiving salvation is a reality.  Ingratitude equates into no salvation.  Ingratitude is the beginning or origin of imperfection, gratitude is the beginning of perfection ( PEACE ).  Peace is the evidence of being throughly furnished or saved to the uttermost (His Head).  Giving thanks is making the Great I AM known, the casting off of time.  The Name is a giant circulating, circumcising blade that cuts off the fleshy nature of the believer when he/she gives thanks in the circumstance.  Climbing His Stature and leaving creation behind is not done through complaining and whining.  We are not saved by our objections to what God is doing!  We are saved by grace, gratitude for Christ and His Master Plan.  Climbing the Stature, experiencing salvation is done through the giving of thanks for His Wonderful Name and Headship.  

Peace, victory is not the absence of pain or suffering.  We can have victory in suffering by gratitude.  Jesus, Daniel, and the 3 Hebrew children had victory (peace) in the midst of their personal circumstances.  Victory is peace INSIDE regardless of the storm raging on the outside.  A Christian's Rock, their firm foundation is their relationship with the Son of God on the INSIDE.  Why fret when the Headship of the Father has everything in control?  Peace is present in the storm because the Son and the Father are ruling the storm.  The Christian can have peace and life in the midst of death ---  Joseph being an example of this.  He was in a death situation (prison for doing nothing) but ministered life, empathy and concern to the butler and baker.  He was giving thanks, he was being saved to the uttermost, he was peaceful in the middle of his personal storm.  The whirling, cutting Name circumcised his heart and gave him peace.