#219 (12/23/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Luke 1:28-38.  The LORD always executes human events according to His Master Plan.  He is never caught off-guard, surprised or befuddled about what to do next.  In keh-dem eternity, before creation, He formulated His Master Plan and is now in the act of executing it.  Regarding Mary, she was foreordained to be the mother of Jesus the Messiah.  She travelled down through the loins of her forefathers starting with Adam.  As the virgin who would be impregnated by the Holy Ghost and carry the Messiah nine months, she  defended the promise of His birth against the enemy who had declared war on her.  She faithfully stood as an adversary against the serpent, relentless in warfare, attempting to thwart the Master Plan of God.  She holds an admirable and praiseworthy position in the human race; she defended the promise of the Messiah until it met performance and gave mankind a Savior, Christ the LORD!   All of these events happened according to a Master Plan formulated in eternity past.  It wasn't happenstance, coincidence, or  fate; God was not confused when to introduce the world to His Son or who should carry Him.  It was written in the scroll.  

In verse 38 Mary simply makes a choice for God to execute His Master Plan.  She chose disgrace, sorrow, and shame.  The potential Gift would bring scorn, stigma, discomfort, and pain.  Who would believe this story and that it came from God?  She was willing to accept all the discomfort; the promise was going to make her a public spectacle.  The priests knew she was telling the truth when she drank the bitter waters and her belly did not swell and her thigh did not rot.  She was pregnant but had not committed adultery --- the priests and  leaders knew she had experienced an immaclulate conception.  They knew the Messiah was on the way.  The promise of being the Bride of the LORD Jesus Christ also brings with it the same that Mary experienced.  We must embrace the Promise, given in keh-dem eternity, and wait for the performance; all the while warring adversarily against the serpent who desires to thwart God's Master Plan.  Do not allow the enemy to cheat you out of being Jesus' Bride!  Fight for it!  Wait on God to join promise to performance and be wed to the Heavenly Bridegroom!  Embrace the shame, sorrow, pain, disgrace and scorn and defend the promise!  

Please read Matthew 2:11.  Obviously Mary and Joseph had to flee Bethlehem to thwart the plan of the serpent to kill the Messiah.  Mary left her home and her friends.  She eventually had to flee to a foreign country; her life was severely disrupted.  She experienced all this to do the will of God.  She probably yearned for a "normal" life with Joseph but was faithful to endure all the shame, disgrace, and discomfort that the Messiah would become a man and provide salvation for all humanity.  Her actions and choices determined the fate of all mankind!  Mary was willing to be discomforted by an unnormal life, a different  lifestyle.  She always held on to the promise of letting the Christ be birthed, suffering pain and shame to allow the Master Plan to unfold.  Thank You, Mary!