#220 (12/30/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

In Luke chapter 1 verse 46-47 we read part of the response Mary gave to Elizabeth at their meeting.  In verse 46 her spirit DOTH (present tense) magnify the LORD and in verse 47 her spirit HATH (past tense) rejoiced in God her Savior.  Her spirit had been rejoicing over the promise of the Messiah for many centuries as she awaited her turn to come on the world stage and live her natural life.  She joyed over the promise along with praising the LORD that He would eventually join promise and performance.  Praise for the promise leads to performance of the promise.  While she was waiting her turn to be born, in the loins of her forefathers, she praised God for the promise in her spirit.  Praise joins promise and performance. The spirit joins man to God, the body joins man to the earth, and the soul is in between.  Man can climb up in to the heavenlies from earth to God by joining his spirit to God.  The battle is to keep man from doing this.  In other words, the battle is to cut the lifeline of the spirit, keeping man a prisoner to the earth.  Faith, Hope and especially Prayer release man from his prison.  Lack of faith, hope, and especially prayer keep him earthbound.  These are essential in keeping the head in the heavenlies and the feet on the ground.  Without daily prayer, hope, faith, reverence and worship, the earth and its sorrow bind the human heart (these are the five senses of the spirit).  

Please read Isaiah 7:14.  Gabriel did not reprove Mary when she posed a question to Him.  In Luke 1:34 she said, "How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?"  Gabriel went on to explain that the conception would be miraculous and supernatural.  Her womb would be impregnated from the inside by the Holy Ghost.  There was to be no external intrusion in to her womb.  The Holy Ghost would open the door of her womb from the inside.  Notice the performance of the promise would happen supernatually, from the inside, completely independent from outside events and occurences.  Fulfillment of the promise has nothing to do with the outward.  Gabriel told Mary not to look at the natural; something very different was going to happen to her, something miraculous.  A seed (performance) would come from above and open the door of her womb from the inside.  Man has a tendency to grow impatient with God.  He looks on the outside and considers his external circumstances and events, determining when and how the performance should come.  Performance is not based on anything outside, it comes supernaturally from above when the Holy Ghost brings it at the Fathers' bidding.  When the Master Plan is fulfilled, at the appointed time, God steps in and does something extraordinarily supernatural, apart from all exterior happenings.  Keep praising God for the promise because praise leads to the performance!