#221 (12/31/18 Watch Night Service)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Hebrews 1:3.  The Son, Who is upholding this present day world, also supported the three previous creations.  He has graciously, with gratitude, taken the low place of supporting and reinforcing the creation while moving the Father's Master Plan forward.  Please read Isaiah 41:10.  As He upholds the creation in general, He has promised to uphold and support each one individually on a daily basis.  His right hand of righteousness moves us forward in the LORD's Master Plan as we travel through Time.  Next, read Psalm 150:1-2.  We read here about the LORD's "mighty acts".  While being supported by the Son, moving forward in His Master Plan, the Father allows us to look back at what was done and not done.  His mighty acts give us the ability to revisit personal events where we blew it and make them right.  Gold, silver, and precious stones can be retrieved traveling back in time to events where we forsook them.  His mighty acts are just that - - - MIGHTY!  The Christian can go back and make things right!  He upholds us with His RIGHT hand - - - the hand of pleasure.  He is excited to support the Christian moving forward in His Master Plan or moving backward to right a wrong.  Either way, He is upholding with His right hand.  

Please read Romans 14:22.  Happy is the man/woman that goes back in time and picks up the silver, gold, and precious stones that were left behind and doesn't comdemn God that He allowed it to happen.  Now read 1 Corinthians 11:28.  Examine the past and go back to the event where extremely valuable items were left. Ask the LORD to bring to remembrance places and circumstances in 2018 where treasure is still to be claimed!