#222 (1/2/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read John 14:1-6.  The Father, the Great I AM, occupies eternity and space.  Man, bound to the earth, lives out his life in Time.  A great chasm divides man from God which is impossible to cross outside of Jesus Christ.  The Stature of Jesus Christ spans the gulf, joining man and God in sweet communion.  In verse 6, Jesus called Himself the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  He is the Way as the gate leading to the Courtyard, the Truth as the curtain that leads to the Holy Place, and the Life as the Veil that leads to the Father in the Holy of Holies.  He is 3 doors that lead to new experiences in Him.  

Jesus walked the Will of the Father from Bethlehem to Golgatha's Hill.  Said differently, He walked the Way of the Father.  Man needed a Way to return to God so He humbled Himself and gave us a Way through His life and sacrifice; man now can choose to forsake his own way.  

Jonah is given to us as an example of what happens when man chooses his own way.  Jonah was given a path/way that was to lead to the city of Ninevah.  As the story goes, he chose his own way that lead in the opposite direction of Nineveh.  First, he embarked on a ship.  Soon, a furious storm tossed the ship on the sea.   There is nowhere to go when on a ship.  The options of choosing another way are gone.  God began to constrict Jonah in a rocking, tossing, shaking ship.  Then Jonah confessed on the ship that he would rather die than to go to Nineveh - - - the Way of God.  His way (Jonah) was still better that God's.  When Jonah was tossed overboard, God constricted him even further, narrowing his options.  Jonah left land, boarded a ship (constricting pain), and eventually ended up in the belly of a whale (more pain); each time the LORD was slowly narrowing his options.  After the whale belched Jonah back on land, his confession was that he should have taken God's Way to begin with (it would have, at the very least, saved him from smelling like the putrid belly of a whale).  He accepted the original Way.  It behooves the believer to reject his own way and follow the way given by Jesus Christ.  

Please read John 17:17 and 8:32.  The Way leads to the Truth, which leads to Life (both resurrection and eternal life).  Jesus is the "Way" out!  

Many are climbing up another way other than the Way given to reach life.  Life is at the top of the Stature. Rather than following God's Plan to reach life, the world abounds with alternative ways to find one's own pleasure and life taking another way.  Jesus' Way is humility and sacrifice.  Man's way is proud and arrogant.  

As Jesus was walking the Way of the Father's Will, His purpose was to establish a spiritual kingdom within the heart of man.  His own diciples misunderstood His motives.  Jesus came with the power and glory of the Father to build inside the heart spiritually, not build an outside, earthly kingdom.  The Way of Jesus, and by extension the Father, is to build a beautiful spiritual kingdom within the heart of man, transforming the City of Pride into a breathtaking New City where God, the Lamb, and the Bride dwell.  He is the Way!