#223  (1/9/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Reminder:  January's Daniel's Fast begins 1/3/19 and ends 1/24/19; everyone please fast from something!

Please read Matthew 13:24-30.  A man sowed good seed in his field but soon came to realize that an enemy had sown tares in the same field.  When asked by his servants if they should remove the tares, he denied their request and insisted that the good seed and the tares share the same soil.  Soil is defined as strength, emotional and mental substance, capacity to absorb.  With good seed and tares occupying the same soil, together, there will be a battle for control of the soil.  Both will battle for dominance of the strength, the substance, and the nutrients of the soil.  At salvation, man receives a new heart that is "planted" (as good seed) in the field of the old heart (tares).  There is a constant struggle between the two for dominance and control of the soil.  The battle involves who will be dominant over the strength, emotional and mental substance, and capacity of the believer.  The man insisted that they grow together.  A battle was necessary to get the good seed to grow strong and healthy.  The believer has the option (choice) to feed the new man or the old man.  He can use his capacity to absorb for evil or for good.  The battle never ends:  who will dominate the mental capacity and the emotional substance of the mind and heart of man?  

Please read 2Corinthians 10:5 and Philippians 4:8.  These two scriptures give us examples of how to feed the new man thereby allowing him to dominate the demeanor of a believer.  There is only so much capacity to absorb every day.  Feeding the new man to "full absorption" should be the goal of every believer on a daily basis.  There are many things that can be done to feed the new man.  Regretfully, every heart has a tendency to feed the tares.  Earthly eyesight and imagination, drawing wrong conclusions from idolatrous images, stymies the growth of the new man and invigorates the tare.  Every day is a new day to dedicate mental and emotional capacities and strength to the growth of the new man.  When the believer feeds the good seed he/she is justifying the Cross, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the Will of the Father.  The Battle of the Soil!