#224 (1/16/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Opening comments:  Fasting is the same as a 24-hour prayer.  Those who fast experience what they will feel in hell.  When an evil soul is comdemned to hell, he/she take their wicked desires with them.  They still want a cigarette, a shot of whiskey, and any number of vices that carry with it evil desire.  They are angry and frustrated because the desire cannot be fulfilled.  Those who fast are denying the desires of the body that feels the death and darkness of unfulfilled pleasure.  Those in hell will feel what its like to have unfulfilled pleasure.  

Please read 2Samuel 22:221-26.  Jesus paid a dear price to purchase the old man and his obstinate sin.  He purchased sin and the old man; they are His!  When the LORD goes through such great pains to expose the sin of a human heart, what is exposed He wants!  Sin is legally His - - - He purchased it.  By not repenting of what is exposed the human heart becomes a thief and a robber, denying the LORD regeneration of the exposed sin.  

In verse 21, Jesus was rewarded for His righteousness.  The Father begot His own kind.  When the Begotten Son was revealed he was rewarded with righteousness for being Who He is - - - GOD.  When Jesus walked the earth, He fulfilled the law with the judgements of the Father always before Him (verse 23).  Please read Romans 8:2-4.  He received an additional robe of righteousness by fulfilling the law.  Please read Matthew 5:16-17.  An extra robe of righteousness was given for fulfilling the law that He did not need; He already had one because of Who He is.  This "new" robe is a robe of righteous works.  This new righteousness He now shares with regenerated man who choose to follow in His footsteps.  Luke 3:11 requires the LORD to impart this extra "coat" to us who have none.  

Please read Romans 1:17.  This imparting of righteousness is done by faith.  Likewise, by faith, righteousness is revealed to the believer and those in his orbit through good works.  Faith makes the righteousness of good works visible, for all to see.  We should not be moved by outward things but by the robe of righteousness and let our works shine before a dead and dying world of sin.