#225 (1/20 and 1/23/19 combined)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Leviticus 13:40-46.  In verse 45, the leper was to cover his mouth with a cloth and proclaim, "Unclean, unclean".  Leprosy has the potential to make a person unclean on the outside as well as the inside.  The leper was proclaiming his uncleaness inwardly and outwardly.  Leprosy on the forehead is invisible to the one infected; they can't see it.  It can only be revealed by another person or by looking into a mirror.  Leprosy is judgement.  The sinful, human race has a tendency to pronounce leprous judgements.  When such a judgement is verbalized a spot of leprosy rises on the forehead.  Saul is an example of someone with leprous judgements regarding the slaughter of the Midianites.  Samuel to told him to execute everything and everybody, but Saul held back the best of the animals and the Midianite king.  Uzziah, along with his leprous judgements, intruded into the priesthood by burning incense in the tabernacle.  Eighty priests could not withstand him as he pushed and shoved his way into the Holy Place.  He became a leper as a result.  Lastly, the laborers in the vineyard (according to Jesus' parable) falsely accused the owner for paying the same to them as the 11th hour workers.  Their leprous judgements determined they deserved more for working so long in the vineyard even though they agreed on a wage at the outset.  It's not how long you work in the vineyard, it's what you accomplish while you're there.  Man's sinful judgements shout, "The rules apply to everyone but me!"  Leprous, blaming judgements point the proverbial finger at God and reject the truth.  Please remember this:  everything the believer does comes under the Headship of God or his own headship.  We delight (sometimes) in pitting our leprous judgement against God's pure judgements.  Please notice in verse 45, the leper was do four things:  1. rend clothes 2. bare head 3. cover upper lip and 4. cry unclean, unclean.  

1.  Rend clothes.  This was an outward act that was an expression of sorrow and an inward rending of the heart.  When Job saw his leprous judgements at the end of the book, he rent his heart for sorrow at his hasty accusations against the LORD God.  

2.  Bare head.  This is an act of forsaking earthly headship and leaving it unprotected.  This act says, "I am guilty and will not justify myself".  

3.  Cover upper lip.  This provides protection from the spread of disease.  Spewing on someone else leprous judgements causes others to be infected with doubt and anger against God.  Cover the mouth!

4.  Unclean, unclean.  This is a proper confession (truthful) that allows healing to come when the truth is spoken. 

Please read Hebrews 13:10-12.  Jesus suffered "outside the gate" on a hill called Golgatha.  We are to confess our uncleaness at the Cross of Calvary where healing comes to leprous judgements.