#226 (2/3/19 morning)

During the great exodus when the nation of Israel was released from Egyptian bondage, the LORD lead his people to the Red Sea.  Geographically, they went in a certain direction but had to backtrack a short distance in order to make it to the shore of the sea.  Pharoah was in hot pursuit.  When he saw Israel turn around and come back a short distance toward him, he determined that he and his army should surround Israel and take them back to bondage.  Israel ended up trapped by mountains on either side, the Red Sea in front, and Pharoah behind.  Moses lifted up his rod over the Red Sea and an east wind began to blow.  On the rod was the Name of the LORD.  When the Name is lifted up, the Spirit (wind) began to move.  The pillar of fire (the Spirit of God) moved to the rear of the Hebrew nation and provided protection.  During the night a strong east wind blew.  Notice that it was an EAST wind.  They were traveling east.  The Hebrew nation moved forward into a headwind that miraculously parted the water as they moved forward.  The water wasn't parted all at one time; as they walked east, into the wind, in the night, the water would part as  far as they traveled.  In other words, the water parted and provided a way of escape as long as they were willing to walk, by faith, in the darkness, battling a strong headwind.  When they walked, the water parted.  In order for the escape route to be made clear, they had to actively engage themselves in the situation by choosing, in faith, that the LORD was capable enough to get them to safety.  They could have chosen NOT to walk forward and NOT witness a great deliverance by the Name of the LORD.  They could have had second thoughts about the perils of their night season and surrendered to Pharoah.  By choosing to walk forward, in the night, against a strong headwind, they put God to the test.  He acted mightily in their behalf because they chose to walk by faith!  Against insurmountable odds, they reached safety through faith in the Name of the LORD and the Spirit of God!  Sometimes, modern day Christians choose not to walk.  They choose to remain in Egyptian bondage rather than experiencing a miraculous deliverance.  The night is too dark, the wind is too strong, my faith is too small. . . it's easier to return to Egypt!  Faith is never too small.  As long as it is as large as a grain of mustard seed, believer's can walk in the night against a strong headwind and see the salvation and deliverance of the LORD.  We must be engaged in our circumstances and choose the Name of the LORD and the power of His Holy Spirit!  Faith excites the LORD because it is an opportunity for Him to prove Who He Is!  Faith allows Him to make His Name and Nature known to the believer.  Peter had faith to walk on water and he did . . . for a little while.  He presented to the LORD Jesus an opportunity to prove Who He Is!