#227 (2/3/19 evening)

Note:  Please read #226 to get a greater understanding of this lesson.

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Exodus 14:26-30.  Take note of verse 27 how the "Egyptians fled against it".  Instead of fleeing away from the waters as they began to return, they ran headlong INTO them.  Turning and trying to flee back to the Egyptian side of the Red Sea would have been an act of repentance, which Pharoah and his army were not interested in.  Also take note in verse 30 that "Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore".  Now read Exodus 15:5 and 10.  In verse 5, they "sank into the bottom as a stone".  In verse 10, the Egyptians "sank as lead into the mighty waters".  Interestingly, they sank twice, yet, Israel saw them dead upon the sea shore.  The Hebrew word for "sank" is two different words.  They fled against the water as it returned once Israel was on the wilderness side and sank (verse 5) the first time.  The LORD miraculously floated the dead Egyptian army and deposited them on the wilderness side of the Sea where Israel was safely watching.  This is where Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore.  The waters of the Red Sea are a picture of water baptism.  The LORD wanted to baptize the instruments of war and wash them in His Name to sanctify them for another use.  He baptized the swords, shields, spears, etc. first then moved them on to the sea shore on the wilderness side so Israel could retrieve them.  These instruments of war were necessary to have to assist in upcoming battles.  Weapons that were used against them, after baptism, were now weapons to defend them.  The LORD brought the dead Egyptians to the shore so Israel could strip the bodies of these weapons.  After Israel claimed the weapons, the LORD miraculously made them (Egyptians) sink again, this time as lead in the mighty waters.  The waters of the Red Sea had the Name, Death, and Life of the LORD within them.  When Pharoah and his army sank the first time, the LORD put His foursquare Name around each man which caused him to resurface on the wilderness shore.  Israel was a nation of slaves, ignorant of the art of war.  They soon would be needing Pharoah's weapons in the wilderness for not long after the LORD had them fight the Amalakites.  Joshua fought this rebellious nation while Moses was upon a mountain lifting up the rod (the Name) with the help of Aaron and Hur.  Where did a nation of slaves get weapons of warfare?  The LORD provided what was necessary for them to reach the Promised Land; a land flowing with milk and honey!