#228 (2/6/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Luke 5:12-16.  A leper beseeches Jesus to heal him of his leprosy.  In verse 12 notice the leper's courtesy and humility.  His faith led him to a true confession that Jesus could make him clean, if He wanted to.  In verse 13, He proved His dominion and superiority over the plague of leprosy "and immediately the leprosy departed from him."  His fame was widespread news because of this healing; so much so, that Pharisees and doctors of the law from Judea, Galilee, and Jerusalem came to listen to Him.  Notice is verse 17 "the power of the Lord was present to heal them."  Heal who and from what?  He wanted to heal the Pharisees and doctors of the law of their leprous judgments.  The power of God was there to heal the leaders of Israel!  Jesus knew if He could heal them they would begin to teach the people the truth.  He had already proven He could heal natural leprosy; now He wanted to heal the spiritual leprosy of the leaders.  

He forgave the sin of a man who was let down through the roof, but hesitated to heal the palsy.  Read verse 21.  He perceived the thoughts of the Pharisees and scribes and their leprous judgments.  He wanted to heal them but because of their unbelief and blasphemy He turned to the stricken man and healed the palsy.  The power of the Lord was their to heal the leaders but because of their rejection and unbelief, the power to heal was redirected to someone else in need.  Many times the power of the Lord is present to heal believer's of their leprous judgments, but rejection and lack faith causes the power to move to someone else.  The power of God WILL heal, faith and belief draws that power.  The power of God is present to heal us of our own rebellious flesh and marry the will to the Will of God.  Rejection and unbelief causes it to bypass the heart and move on to someone else.  

In case of Israel fleeing the slavery of Egypt, death was behind them at the Red Sea in the form of Pharoah and his army.  In front of them was the death of the waters of the Red Sea (a picture of water baptism and its Name, Death, and Life).  Israel had to choose between Pharoah's death or the LORD's death.  The power of God was present to heal them of their leprous judgments to return to Egypt and its slavery.  The nation walked down into the death of the LORD; they had to actively engage themselves into the situation and choose the death of God.  They followed the commandment of Moses, the Word of God.  When the Word comes the power of God is present to heal leprous judgments.  The Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, was present to heal the Pharisees but rejection of the Word caused the healing power to move on.  Where the Word is, so also is the healing power of God!