#230 (2/27/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The LORD's original intent with his crowning creation, mankind, was to inhabit his/her will in the form of Love, Light, Truth, and Life.  The will of man/woman was purposely made to receive the LORD God and provide a home for His Name.  His Name is Love, Light, Truth, and Life.  Because of His great, unspeakable Master Plan, sin was allowed to temporarily take the place of His Name in the will of man.   His Master Plan has not completely unfolded with regard to the will of man.  The will was made for Him and His Name only.  The original intent has not diminished; His Name will inhabit the will of man.  Through personal experience, man has the privilege of allowing the LORD God to divorce his will from its unholy union with fallen Lucifer and get remarried to the Name.  Why?  So He can reveal Himself and show the man/woman the reality of a loving and compassionate God!  When a believer is familiar with the counterfeit, the truth of what's real is made that much more convincing.  

Deceit, Death, Darkness, and Hate now inhabit the will of man.  Deceit has a ministry and that is to steal the truth.  When the Mighty LORD God intervenes in behalf of His creation, He leaves behind a token of His beautiful Self in the will.  When the counterfeit is measured against the real, and found wanting, a memorial is raised honoring the Name of the LORD.  Over time, the memory can take the believer back to each memorial to rehearse and relive what miraculous things God has done.  Deceit's objective is to remove these precious memorials that remind us of His Great Love and Goodness.  Please turn to I Kings 20.  Benhadad is a picture of deceit inhabiting the will of man.  It is recommended that the reader read the whole chapter.  In verse 10 of chapter 20 Benhadad (deceit) has a message for Ahab.  Likewise, deceit has a message for the believer.  Benhadad boasted about how many men were following him (thirty two kings and all their hordes) and said if each man took a handful of dust Samaria would be leveled.  Put another way, you're greatly outnumbered so there is no use in resisting.  Deceit tells us to give up, not fight, surrender the LORD's memorials and allow deceit to rule again in the will.  From a human standpoint deceit is a powerful foe.  From God's standpoint deceit "ain't nothin' but a thing"!   

How does the Christian identify deceit?  It builds false roads that lead the believer in search of happiness outside of the LORD God.  The Christian develops the problem of not being able to discern right and wrong.  The truth becomes blurred with no definitive lines.  Deceit creates an illusion, a dream world, of promised pleasure outside of the will of God.  Finally, it overcomes and steals the truth already laid in the will.  Jesus becomes an acquaintance rather than a Bridegroom.  

No covenant is to be made with deceit.  The Name of the LORD must REPLACE deceit.  It is destined to be removed from the will of man and be replaced with His Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious Name.