#231 (3/17/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Mark 6:43-45.  After feeding the 5 thousand and taking up twelve baskets of fragments and fishes, Jesus constrained the diciples to leave.  Straightway is defined as immediately, no choice, without hesitation or delay.  His instruction was for them to go to Bethsaida, in the ship, without delay.  In verse 46, He sought the solitary place after dispersing the multitudes.  He sent the diciples and the multitudes away and sought solitude in prayer.  He was watching the diciples from a distance on the mountain.  In verse 48, He SAW them toiling in rowing; by this time they had been rowing about 4-5 hours.  After this great miracle and blessing they immediately were plunged into a severe storm.  The diciples were being obedient to travel to Bethsaida in the ship; the wind was coming from the direction of Bethsaida.  They obeyed the LORD and experienced a storm with a strong headwind.  They were rowing against the wind.  

Please read Ephesians 4:14. Wind in this verse is defined as deceitful doctrine of man.  The spiritual counterpart to the sea is the will of man.  So, we see a picture here that is profitable to the Christian right now.  At times, the believer is aboard a tiny ship, as it were, in a raging storm on the shifting and falling sea of his/her own will.  Winds of doctine blow with one objective:  to upset the ship and swallow up the life of the believer.  Opposition, separation, darkness and wind compound the fact that His personal presence is GONE!  This is the way He constrained them to go . . . but . . . He is watching from a distance.  Please read verse 49.  All of them could not discern who He was - - - is it a spirit or is it Jesus?  Why, in verse 50, did He say to them to be cheerful and not afraid?  Because they, at this point, were neither.  In verse 52 the problem is identified.  They considered not the miracle of the loaves (bread).   Bread is the staff of life, it is Love, Light, and Life.  The cause of the storm was identified as the rejection of the bread.  By rejecting the bread they had no discernment when the personal presence of Jesus approached and their hearts were hardened.  What is the cause of darkness, separation, and wind?  Why can't we recognize Jesus in the midst of the storm?  Why the opposition and fear?  What happened to our cheerfulness; why are we afraid?  We consider not the miracle of the bread and harden our hearts. 

Each day we pass through the routine and consider not the greater picture of what is really happening.  We lose sight of the spiritual counterpart and what the LORD wants to make us - - - a Bride.  Sure, we must experience routine, but is the routine contributing to the making of a Bride?  Every day the LORD gives us our daily bread.  In other words, He ordains for us to receive our daily dose of Love, Light, and Life.  Bread comes in the form of the Word of God and daily experiences.  Each day He ordains the spot (sin) in the heart that He wants to convert.  He manipulates the circumstances so that one spot can rise up and be exposed.  Do we consider the miracle of the bread (the circumstance) and allow Him to convert that one spot or do we harden the heart and reject the bread (the circumstance)?  Daily rejection of His Love, Light, and Life causes a lack of proper discernment when Jesus arrives on the scene in His personal presence.  Rejection of the bread was the cause of the effect of the storm, wind, opposition, darkness and lack of discernment.  Rejection of the bread affected the diciples more than what they were experiencing in the  ship. 

He comes daily, through our circumstances, and offers Love, Light, and Life so as to make us His Bride.  May we be more vigilant to accept His offering and humble ourselves at His Lovely Feet.