#232 (3/20/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Psalm 133:3.  Notice in this verse that reference is made to the mountains (plural) of Zion.  There are several mountains that comprise Mt. Zion.  Naturally speaking, Jerusalem resides atop Mt. Zion.  Speaking spiritually, Mt. Zion is the Father with the "city" (The Son) residing on top of the "mountain" (The Father).  The mountain is the gratitude of the Father that He has for the Son for making His Name known.  The Father had a need that the Son was able to meet - - - making His Name known.  A mountain of gratitude supports the city; the gratitude of the Father undergirds the Son.  

Please read Isaiah 62:7.  Jerusalem, the Son, should be established in our earth.  This happens through praise.  By lifting up the Name of Jesus and sending heavenward our praises for His great Name, the city of the Son gets established.  Pleasure and pain make no difference; they actually become irrelevant.  Simply having the privilege of doing the will of God and focusing praise toward the Son for that privilege is what becomes relevant.  

The city, the New City, is a declaration of the 12 governmental Names of the Son.  Gratitude supports the right image.  The Son, Love Divine, is the right image.  Please read John 8:32.  What is truth?  Truth is the right image.  By praising the Son, the Right Image, we are set free.  The right image sets us free.  

Please read I Corinthians 15:54-57.  Resurrection is a raising of the truth.  When the Truth is lifted up through praise, it swallows death.  Truth sets us free by swallowing internal and external death.  By giving thanks we can fellowship the Father by exalting and being grateful for His Son.  As a consequence, death is swallowed up.  It is important to attend a prayer meeting on a regular basis.  When the saints get together and praise the Son, the Truth, He swallows up opposition, death, and darkness.  Men especially need to attend prayer meetings and not let the women carry the load of prayer.  The preponderance of praising the Name, the Truth, falls on men and women equally.  Men have a tendency to let the women do what they need to do themselves.  Men need to stop hiding behind the skirts of prayerful women.  Together, men and women, the Name is lifted up!