#233 (3/24/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon #59

Please read Psalm 95:1-2.  Thanksgiving (to-dah in Hebrew) is defined as the hands extended in adoration and surrender.  To enter into His presence we thank and praise His Great Name.  

Please read I Timothy 2:8.  Notice in this verse it says, "every where, lifting up holy hands".  Whenever it is possible, without being a public spectacle, lift up holy hands in surrender and thanksgiving.  Surrender to the LORD for things just the way they are.  We sometimes have a better "torah" that says we deserve more pleasure and less or none of the pain.  Surrendering, in prayerful adoration to His Name, with hands lifted up, causes the believer to acknowledge His Glorious Headship.  By surrendering, the believer humbly accepts His administration and direction in his/her life.  Thanksgiving and praise builds Mt. Zion.  Going back to Psalm 95, we are told to make a joyful noise.  Noise is "kole" in Hebrew meaning a scream, thunder, call, yell.  There is a spirit on noise; it touches people and causes a reaction.  The world knows the power of noise to encourage and motivate athletes at ball games.  Likewise, the Spirit of God moves and motivates believers to demonstrate when a joyful noise is heard.  Notice that God commands the Church to make noise - - - not the world.  Noise in church is vitally important for the LORD to do creative miracles.  

Please read Psalm 42:7.  David is using a natural picture to explain a spiritual principle.  A waterspout, naturally speaking, is a tornado at sea.  It means a whirlwind, hollow, culvert, canal.  The waterspout creates a vacuum that pulls up substance from the deep.  The sea is a picture of God's Will.  This channel, this vacuum, this waterspout pulls up substance or creative power from God's Will only when the channel is clear from obstruction.  To be a waterspout, a believer must invoke the powers of the Blood, Fire, and Water to make a clear canal.  Noise is what pulls up the creative power of God.  First, get clean and unplug the channel, but don't stop there.  Next, make a joyful noise to pull up the substance that's needed from God's Will.  He wants to prove to His children that He is a miracle-working, involved God Who intervenes on behalf of those who are clean and noisy!  The Christian's job is to make a clean channel with Blood, Fire, and Water.  Noise pulls up the substance needed from God's Will.  We should be more intense, more vehement with the shout and noise.  Overflow on others and motivate them to shout and raise a joyful noise!