#234 (3/27/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #59 and #60

Please read Psalm 95:1-2.  Feelings are deceitful.  Feelings and emotions have a strong tendency to pull a believer away from the truth.  We have to remember that, in spite of what emotions say is true, God's Word is the only Truth that can lead and guide the human heart.  It's not about how you feel, it about what the LORD says in His Word.  Making noise can stir up many negative emotions from the corrupt human heart, yet, His Word says to make a joyful noise of thanksgiving unto His Name.  Noise and dance are very valuable things in God.  If they weren't so valuable why did fallen Lucifer steal and twist them to influence mankind to worship him?  The LORD told the CHURCH to be noisy and dance!  He didn't tell the world to do these things.  Lucifer stole from God what He told the CHURCH to do!  

Please read Psalm 42:7.  A waterspout is a tornado at sea.  The center of a waterspout is hollow, a canal.  The spinning of the waterspout creates a vacuum that pulls up water from the deep to be forced out the top.  Christians are to be a waterspout so the deep will call unto the deep.  Blood, Fire, and Water clean out the canal, the channel, so God's Creative Power can be drawn up from the deep.  Whatever need a believer has, it can be met through Blood, Fire, and Water and noisy praise.  Blood, Fire, and Water clear the channel, noise draws up the substance from the deep (Psalm 66:1).  

Please read Psalm 81:1.  Why the God of Jacob?  Please read Genesis 49:22-26.  In verse 26 the blessings of Jacob were much more than the blessings of his progenitors.  Abraham was a progenitor of Jacob who was known for his faith.  Jacob's faith was greater than that of Abraham, "unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills".  Jacob's blessing of faith was above the faith of Abraham and Isaac.  Now turn to Song of Solomon and read 4:6.  Frankincense is a picture of faith.  The hill of frankincense is the hill of faith.  When we are noisy and praise the God of Jacob, we are drawing up from the deep His Creative Faith that gives a greater vision and eyesight concerning spiritual things.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Through a clean channel and noisy praise His faith is drawn up and allowed to create whatever is necessary to aid the believer.  The LORD wants us to be a clean, noisy waterspout!