#235 (3/31/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #59 and 60

Please read Psalm 95:1-2.  Two things we can glean from these scriptures:  noise and thanksgiving.  To enter into His presence and be joined to Him takes noisy praise and thankfulness.  Our LORD is a beautiful example of noise.  Noise is an integral part of His creation.  From thunder and lightning to hurricanes and tornadoes, creation demonstrates its gratitude and thanksgiving through noise.  Man is the only one who has a problem with noise; especially in church.  It's ok to be noisy at a ball game or a concert but it's taboo to make noise in God's house.  Noise and thanksgiving are the vehicles through which the  Deep calls unto the deep.  The Deep (sea) of God's Creative power calls to the deep in the soul and spirit of man; a place ONLY THE LORD can satisfy.  When man repents and cleans up himself/herself with the Blood, Fire, and Water he becomes a waterspout, a conduit, and channel to draw up (vacuum) the Creative Power of the LORD.  Whatever the clean heart needs, whatever intervention is necessary, whatever door that needs to be opened will be done when cleanness is joined to praise.  After getting clean it's the praise that vacuum's up His power to create what needs to be created on behalf of the clean heart.  

His Deep calls unto the Christians deep.  There is an emply place in His Heart where the Christian came from.  He is constantly trying to call us back to that place through every circumstance.  A human heart can fill an emply place in the heart of God.  His Heart cries out to be filled with the substance each individual has.  When the human heart uses the tools given it to become clean (Blood, Fire, and Water), when that same heart does not stop but continues on with noisy praise and thanksgiving, the Deep will be drawn up into the waterspout and will connect with the deep in that heart.  He will touch the deep; by experience the heart is returned to the empty place in His Heart.  The heart will then be satisfied and placid.  Perfect peace reigns when the human heart is touched by the Deep of God.  Only He can satisfy the deep.