#236 (4/7/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #22

Please read Exodus 13:17-19.  Even though the land of the Philistines was near, the LORD led them around it, the long way, because they were not ready for warfare.  Being a slave nation subservient to the Egyptians, the nation was unfamiliar with weapons, tactics, etc.  The LORD did not want to put them into a circumstance they were not prepared for.  Sometimes the LORD takes us the long way around, as it were, because we are not prepared for the battle.  We have not sufficiently grown in our faith to trust Him to supply the victory.  Lessons, growth, and stature are required for war.  The Philistines were a powerful nation.  It was not until the time of David that Israel had grown sufficiently to conquer them.  David was anointed to squelch the Philistines; he spent most of his adult life overpowering this nation for Saul and in his own reign as king.  It takes the right person anointed by God at the right time to supply victory.  

Notice in verse 18 that Moses knew where the bones of Joseph were hidden in Egypt.  They were located in the The Great Pyramid, which is a monument to the Holy Tetragrammaton Name of the LORD.  Moses knew the secret Name that would allow him access to the interior of the pyramid and retrieve the remains of Joseph.  The entrance was on the north face.  When he spoke the secret Name a panel opened.  The pyramid was built for Joseph although many Egyptian Pharoah's used it as a burial place.  

In verse 20 the LORD stopped the nation at the edge of the wilderness.  Before proceeding in to the barren lands of the wilderness, they had to wait for the Holy Ghost to appear in cloud and fire.  He wanted to give them what they needed to go through a wilderness.  The LORD wanted them to have what was necessary to make it.  He stops us in a wilderness to give us the tools and the protection needed to go forward in our spiritual journey. He stopped them to give them the Holy Ghost.  

Please read 1 Corinthians 10:1.  The cloud and fire was a baptism.  Israel stopped at Etham to get a baptism of cloud and fire before proceeding into the wilderness.  Notice they were baptized unto Moses - - - Moses had the calling to lead the nation out of the bondage of slavery.  In order for him to fulfill his calling, Israel was baptized  unto him.  Please read Exodus 14:19.  While in Etham, the angel  and the cloud stood behind them as a wall of separation.  Egypt, being a type and shadow of the world, was separated from Israel by the Holy Ghost.  To take it further, the old nature, the old man, is separated from the new man by the Holy Ghost.  We have learned in prior lessons that Christians are to make themselves clean through the Blood, Fire, and Water.  After this noisy praise creates a vacuum to draw up the creative power of God through this clean channel, canal.  When we  become a noisy waterspout, the Holy Ghost overflows on the "Egyptians" (our flesh) and paralyzes it.  The Egyptians were paralyzed by the pillar of cloud and fire. They could do nothing in trying to bring Israel back to slavery!  Our praises and demonstrations in the spirit paralyze the old man with his carnal appetites and desire to force us to return to worldly bondage!  Being a clean, noisy waterspout is essential in keeping the old man paralyzed while we make our journey to Beulah Land.  Praise His Wonderful Name!