#237 (4/7/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #22

Please read Exodus 13:17-22.  The LORD led the newly liberated nation of Israel out of Egypt (bypassing the land of the Philistines) to a place called Etham at the edge of the wilderness.  Before proceeding into the wilderness the LORD purposely stopped them; they needed something.  Israel had need of a pillar of cloud and fire (The Holy Ghost).  Collectively, the nation had no idea where they were going, how to get there, and what they needed to reach their destination.  They didn't need to know - - - God knew!  The cloud and fire was necessary to get them through the wilderness and on into Canaan's Land.  

Please read Exodus 24:15-18.  Take note in these verses that one of the ministries of the cloud was (is) to cover.  Now read Exodus 25:1.  After Moses ascended Mount Sinai and was covered by the cloud, the LORD spake to him.  We can deduce that the Word is in the cloud.  The Word was spoken to Moses, personally, while in the cloud.  Likewise, since the Holy Ghost (cloud) is eternal and unchanging, when Christian's ascend into the cloud, the Word will speak and deliver a personal message.  Demonstrations in the Spririt change the worshiping Christian because there is Word in them.  Song, praise, and worship allow the believer to ascend Mount Sinai, as it were, and be covered by the cloud.  Next comes the Word spoken to the heart of the believer.  Hope, encouragement, and love are freely given.  In order to face the wilderness of the flesh and the midnight will, the cloud, the Holy Ghost, is given to aid the believer in separating from them.  The Holy Ghost is a wall of separtion that allows continual forward movement toward the Bride despite the hinderances of the flesh and will.  The Holy Ghost paralyzes the body of sin!