#238 (4/21/19)

   Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Matthew 28:1-8.  Many times Jesus, during His 3-and-a-half-year ministry, told the diciples about His imminent death and resurrection.  Yet, where were they at the appointed time of His Resurrection?  Unbelief kept them from being at the tomb to witness His glorious Resurrection and see the Glory of the Father stand Him up from the dead.  Mary and Mary were there because they heard the same message and believed.  In verse 4 the keepers (guards) became as dead men.  They were not dead; they were overcome by the glory of the angel that descended and remained conscious.  They could not move but witnessed everything done and said.  God wanted to use the enemy (soldiers) to testify of His Resurrection.  Later, some of the soldiers were paid off with a great sum of money to keep quiet about what they saw.  Some of them told ALL to the High Priest and the elders.  They testified to the rulers of Israel about the Resurrection of Jesus!  

Please read Hebrews 11:6.  The word "cometh" means to draw near, approach.  If Christian's are to approach the LORD they must believe that He IS (present tense - - - right now!).  He wants us to believe in the PERSON of the LORD.  Oftentimes, Christians become bogged down with what can be seen:  people, places, and things.  With the eyesight lowered, man has a tendency to try and figure things out, to understand according to what he sees.  The LORD's preference is for believer's to move their eyesight higher; to see Him.  When He is seen, we understand His Person, that He is Love and He always gives the best!  We need to see Who He IS - - - not what He does.  Man bases God's Love on what is in his scales:  pleasure or pain.  This is what He DOES.  Who He IS is a God of LOVE .  If man was able to understand everything about what He DOES, there would be no need for faith.  By faith we understand Who He IS regardless of pleasure or pain.  Pleasure and pain actually become the same because the eyesight is looking for Him and His Love in every situation.  

Please read Exodus 29:38-42.  Morning and evening they were to meet the LORD with a sacrifice.  Meet means an appointed time for engagement, a conversation.  We are to touch Him and give Him feelings twice a day in prayer.  Having a conversation means each party involved takes their turn in speaking.  He wants us to develop a relationship by way of a two-way conversation.  Basing a relationship or an experience on a feeling is not wise.  Who IS He?  Talk to Him and find out!