#239  (4/24/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #15

Please read Revelation 5:1-5.  A better way to describe the book is to call it a scroll.  John was perplexed about who would open the scroll to the point of weeping.  Notice he is the only one weeping.  Everyone in heaven knew that the Lamb was worthy to open the scroll and divulge its contents.  

Man is more spiritual than natural.  His spirit, soul, and minds are eternal; only the body is natural.  Please read Revelation 6:1.  We find the Lamb opening one of the seals which confirms His Authority to do so.  There was the noise of thunder and a great roar of a lion as the seal was opened; it was a call to war.  Only the Lamb has the authority to open the seals.  When the seal is opened a roar goes forth to "Come and see".  Only the Lamb gives out the invitation to "Come and see"  The Bride's Message is sealed and He will give the invitation to "see" it after the seal is removed.  He and He only opens the eyes to "see" the Crucified Way.  Please read Luke 10:21-22.  The LORD gives us a clue about who the Way is revealed;  someone who is a babe.  In verse 22 He states that He is the only One Who can reveal the Father.  Peter did not have the revelation of the Crucified Christ Who was walking with him on the road to Emmaus.  He walked, talked, listened to the risen LORD but did not know Who He was.  Conversely, Mary believed that He would rise the third day and was at the tomb waiting, hoping, anticipating.  He revealed Himself to her and she proclaimed, "He is Risen!".  In other words, the seal about His Resurrection was removed from the scroll and she heard the invitation to "Come and see".  

Jesus experienced 30 years of preparation before the seal was removed and He was revealed to Israel.  Likewise, the antichrist is in the world today and will be revealed when the seal is removed.  Notice is in verse 2 of Revelation 6 that a white horse is revealed at the removal of the seal.  White speaks of self-righteousness and is antichrist.  When He opens the seal and invites us to "come and see" He wants to expose the self-righteousness of the human heart.  Tribulation comes to expose self-righteousness so we can have a spiritual experience.  John, in heaven, was actually experiencing outwardly what we experience inwardly.  A seal is loosed, we have tribulation to expose self-righteousness, so we can repent.  

Please read  Matthew 23:1-6.  The scribes and Pharisees, saturated with their own self-importance and self-righteousness, sat in Moses' seat and took the uppermost rooms at feasts.  They rejected the spiritual experience offered to them by the LORD to be changed and have their arrogance turned into humility.  They enjoyed being overgrown men rather than becoming a babe.  The invitation to come and see is given to a babe who recognizes his/her self-righteousness, then, has a spiritual experience.