Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Revelation 19:11.  The garment of the Bride is made of linen.  Linen is made from two things:  flax and the silkworm.  One type of linen is exalted and the other is humble and lowly.  The exalted flax linen comes from the IN pasture and the humility silkworm linen comes from the OUT pasture.  This linen is righteousness.  We can deduce that the Bride receives exalted linen righteousness in the IN pasture and humble linen righteousness in the OUT pasture.  

Please read Isaiah 51:1.  The prophet has a special message for those that are pursuing after righteousness (Bridal linen).  First, he says, "hearken to me".  This word hearken means to listen with the intent to obey, to follow instruction.  The "instruction" to the Bride is to "look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn".  Those that are pursuing exalted and humility righteousness, those that are weaving their wedding garment, look to the Rock (Tsur, the Father's Rock).  This word "hewn" means "a square".  Look back to the Father's Rock when you were a square (a little Name).  Said another way:  look back to when you were in the IN pasture inside the Father's Rock.  In the Father's Rock mankind enjoyed the glory and presence of the Father in the IN pasture.  Obviously, man is no longer in the Father's Rock.  He has been set outside the Rock in the OUT pasture.  The message Isaiah conveys is meant for those in the OUT pasture.  Inside the Rock is dependence.  Outside the Rock is independence.  Independence is for the purpose of looking back to and learning from dependence.  The LORD separated us from the Rock to turn around and see him from the outside.  A building has a different look when seeing it from the inside versus seeing it from the outside, yet, it is the same building.  While seeing the LORD from the outside, Christians are to remember what He looks like from the inside.  In other words, in independence remember what He is like in dependence.  This is the same as learning obedience to the things learned in the IN pasture.  

Please read Hebrews 5:8.  Jesus was truthed up in the IN pasture, as it were, and was separated from the Father and sent to earth.  He came to His own personal OUT pasture.  While here He referenced the Father innumerable times; He looked back to the Rock in His independence and learned obedience.  Please read John 5:19 and  6:38.  The entire book of John is a portrayal of the intimate relationship of the Father and the Son while the Son was independent from the Father. 

In independence the option of choice exists.  Choice is removed in the IN pasture while dependent.  Jesus was obedient to the will of the Father in the OUT pasture.  He chose to know the Father from the outside with no feelings or influence from Him.  Being obedient and choosing the LORD in the OUT pasture allows the believer to seek and find the humility silkworm righteousness of the Bridal garment.  Soon, IN or OUT becomes irrelevant because the Bridal garment is in both places.