Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Ezekiel 16:8-9.  Our spiritual journey begins on the Bridegroom side of a set of scales where the new heart grows into the stature of the LORD Jesus Christ.  At the appropriate time, the Father moves the believer to the opposite side.  This is the Bride side where we are introduced to the Father and the old heart is transformed into the Bride.  The new heart is the Bridegroom and the old heart is the Bride.  While on the Bride side, the old heart must employ "Torah Thoughts" learned on the Bridegroom side.  Please take note of the mention of a "skirt" in our scripture reference.  

Turn to the Book of Ruth and read 3:8-9.  In Ruth and Ezekiel the spreading of a skirt was an act that symbolized marriage.  Boaz espoused Ruth and the LORD espoused Israel.  In Ezekiel 7:1-2 we read about the four corners of the land.  This word "corners" is the same word for skirt.  In the four corners believer's are espoused to the LORD; the corners are an act of marriage.  The LORD puts His skirt of espousal over the Christian in the poor, stranger, fatherless, and widow corners!  The equivalent of this act in the New Testament would be the "hem of His garment".  The message in the poor, stranger, fatherless, and widow corners, to be espoused to the LORD, is to be weak and dependent.  

In the poor corner the emphasis is upon the circumcision of the ear (hearing).  The ear learns to hear His Voice and to differentiate between appearance and reality (which are two very different things that are often mixed up).  Please read Jeremiah 6:9-10.  The author gives believer's two clues about how to identify uncircumcised hearing:  the Word of God is a reproach, plus, delight in the Word is missing. In the poor corner the LORD wants to circumcise the ear so the Word is fully embraced with joy and delight!  

Please read Acts 7:47-57.  Stephen gives a powerful, compelling, and bold sermon directed at the high priest (7:1).  In verse 57, what did the high priest and his minions do?  They did exactly what their father's did and "stopped their ears".  The Voice of God in Stephen's sermon created hostility (reproach) because it brought them down and diminished their authority. It stripped and laid bare their rejection of the Messiah and exposed their guilt.  The Word comes to strip away the authority of the listener and expose guilt so repentance can come!  Exposure in the poor corner happens to usher in a change of heart.  We, as Christian's, have a heart problem.  Only the LORD God can change the heart of man:  it must be exposed for a change to occur.