#239  (4/24/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #15

Please read Revelation 5:1-5.  A better way to describe the book is to call it a scroll.  John was perplexed about who would open the scroll to the point of weeping.  Notice he is the only one weeping.  Everyone in heaven knew that the Lamb was worthy to open the scroll and divulge its contents.  

Man is more spiritual than natural.  His spirit, soul, and minds are eternal; only the body is natural.  Please read Revelation 6:1.  We find the Lamb opening one of the seals which confirms His Authority to do so.  There was the noise of thunder and a great roar of a lion as the seal was opened; it was a call to war.  Only the Lamb has the authority to open the seals.  When the seal is opened a roar goes forth to "Come and see".  Only the Lamb gives out the invitation to "Come and see"  The Bride's Message is sealed and He will give the invitation to "see" it after the seal is removed.  He and He only opens the eyes to "see" the Crucified Way.  Please read Luke 10:21-22.  The LORD gives us a clue about who the Way is revealed;  someone who is a babe.  In verse 22 He states that He is the only One Who can reveal the Father.  Peter did not have the revelation of the Crucified Christ Who was walking with him on the road to Emmaus.  He walked, talked, listened to the risen LORD but did not know Who He was.  Conversely, Mary believed that He would rise the third day and was at the tomb waiting, hoping, anticipating.  He revealed Himself to her and she proclaimed, "He is Risen!".  In other words, the seal about His Resurrection was removed from the scroll and she heard the invitation to "Come and see".  

Jesus experienced 30 years of preparation before the seal was removed and He was revealed to Israel.  Likewise, the antichrist is in the world today and will be revealed when the seal is removed.  Notice is in verse 2 of Revelation 6 that a white horse is revealed at the removal of the seal.  White speaks of self-righteousness and is antichrist.  When He opens the seal and invites us to "come and see" He wants to expose the self-righteousness of the human heart.  Tribulation comes to expose self-righteousness so we can have a spiritual experience.  John, in heaven, was actually experiencing outwardly what we experience inwardly.  A seal is loosed, we have tribulation to expose self-righteousness, so we can repent.  

Please read  Matthew 23:1-6.  The scribes and Pharisees, saturated with their own self-importance and self-righteousness, sat in Moses' seat and took the uppermost rooms at feasts.  They rejected the spiritual experience offered to them by the LORD to be changed and have their arrogance turned into humility.  They enjoyed being overgrown men rather than becoming a babe.  The invitation to come and see is given to a babe who recognizes his/her self-righteousness, then, has a spiritual experience.  

#238 (4/21/19)

   Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Matthew 28:1-8.  Many times Jesus, during His 3-and-a-half-year ministry, told the diciples about His imminent death and resurrection.  Yet, where were they at the appointed time of His Resurrection?  Unbelief kept them from being at the tomb to witness His glorious Resurrection and see the Glory of the Father stand Him up from the dead.  Mary and Mary were there because they heard the same message and believed.  In verse 4 the keepers (guards) became as dead men.  They were not dead; they were overcome by the glory of the angel that descended and remained conscious.  They could not move but witnessed everything done and said.  God wanted to use the enemy (soldiers) to testify of His Resurrection.  Later, some of the soldiers were paid off with a great sum of money to keep quiet about what they saw.  Some of them told ALL to the High Priest and the elders.  They testified to the rulers of Israel about the Resurrection of Jesus!  

Please read Hebrews 11:6.  The word "cometh" means to draw near, approach.  If Christian's are to approach the LORD they must believe that He IS (present tense - - - right now!).  He wants us to believe in the PERSON of the LORD.  Oftentimes, Christians become bogged down with what can be seen:  people, places, and things.  With the eyesight lowered, man has a tendency to try and figure things out, to understand according to what he sees.  The LORD's preference is for believer's to move their eyesight higher; to see Him.  When He is seen, we understand His Person, that He is Love and He always gives the best!  We need to see Who He IS - - - not what He does.  Man bases God's Love on what is in his scales:  pleasure or pain.  This is what He DOES.  Who He IS is a God of LOVE .  If man was able to understand everything about what He DOES, there would be no need for faith.  By faith we understand Who He IS regardless of pleasure or pain.  Pleasure and pain actually become the same because the eyesight is looking for Him and His Love in every situation.  

Please read Exodus 29:38-42.  Morning and evening they were to meet the LORD with a sacrifice.  Meet means an appointed time for engagement, a conversation.  We are to touch Him and give Him feelings twice a day in prayer.  Having a conversation means each party involved takes their turn in speaking.  He wants us to develop a relationship by way of a two-way conversation.  Basing a relationship or an experience on a feeling is not wise.  Who IS He?  Talk to Him and find out!

#236 (4/7/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #22

Please read Exodus 13:17-19.  Even though the land of the Philistines was near, the LORD led them around it, the long way, because they were not ready for warfare.  Being a slave nation subservient to the Egyptians, the nation was unfamiliar with weapons, tactics, etc.  The LORD did not want to put them into a circumstance they were not prepared for.  Sometimes the LORD takes us the long way around, as it were, because we are not prepared for the battle.  We have not sufficiently grown in our faith to trust Him to supply the victory.  Lessons, growth, and stature are required for war.  The Philistines were a powerful nation.  It was not until the time of David that Israel had grown sufficiently to conquer them.  David was anointed to squelch the Philistines; he spent most of his adult life overpowering this nation for Saul and in his own reign as king.  It takes the right person anointed by God at the right time to supply victory.  

Notice in verse 18 that Moses knew where the bones of Joseph were hidden in Egypt.  They were located in the The Great Pyramid, which is a monument to the Holy Tetragrammaton Name of the LORD.  Moses knew the secret Name that would allow him access to the interior of the pyramid and retrieve the remains of Joseph.  The entrance was on the north face.  When he spoke the secret Name a panel opened.  The pyramid was built for Joseph although many Egyptian Pharoah's used it as a burial place.  

In verse 20 the LORD stopped the nation at the edge of the wilderness.  Before proceeding in to the barren lands of the wilderness, they had to wait for the Holy Ghost to appear in cloud and fire.  He wanted to give them what they needed to go through a wilderness.  The LORD wanted them to have what was necessary to make it.  He stops us in a wilderness to give us the tools and the protection needed to go forward in our spiritual journey. He stopped them to give them the Holy Ghost.  

Please read 1 Corinthians 10:1.  The cloud and fire was a baptism.  Israel stopped at Etham to get a baptism of cloud and fire before proceeding into the wilderness.  Notice they were baptized unto Moses - - - Moses had the calling to lead the nation out of the bondage of slavery.  In order for him to fulfill his calling, Israel was baptized  unto him.  Please read Exodus 14:19.  While in Etham, the angel  and the cloud stood behind them as a wall of separation.  Egypt, being a type and shadow of the world, was separated from Israel by the Holy Ghost.  To take it further, the old nature, the old man, is separated from the new man by the Holy Ghost.  We have learned in prior lessons that Christians are to make themselves clean through the Blood, Fire, and Water.  After this noisy praise creates a vacuum to draw up the creative power of God through this clean channel, canal.  When we  become a noisy waterspout, the Holy Ghost overflows on the "Egyptians" (our flesh) and paralyzes it.  The Egyptians were paralyzed by the pillar of cloud and fire. They could do nothing in trying to bring Israel back to slavery!  Our praises and demonstrations in the spirit paralyze the old man with his carnal appetites and desire to force us to return to worldly bondage!  Being a clean, noisy waterspout is essential in keeping the old man paralyzed while we make our journey to Beulah Land.  Praise His Wonderful Name!  

#237 (4/7/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #22

Please read Exodus 13:17-22.  The LORD led the newly liberated nation of Israel out of Egypt (bypassing the land of the Philistines) to a place called Etham at the edge of the wilderness.  Before proceeding into the wilderness the LORD purposely stopped them; they needed something.  Israel had need of a pillar of cloud and fire (The Holy Ghost).  Collectively, the nation had no idea where they were going, how to get there, and what they needed to reach their destination.  They didn't need to know - - - God knew!  The cloud and fire was necessary to get them through the wilderness and on into Canaan's Land.  

Please read Exodus 24:15-18.  Take note in these verses that one of the ministries of the cloud was (is) to cover.  Now read Exodus 25:1.  After Moses ascended Mount Sinai and was covered by the cloud, the LORD spake to him.  We can deduce that the Word is in the cloud.  The Word was spoken to Moses, personally, while in the cloud.  Likewise, since the Holy Ghost (cloud) is eternal and unchanging, when Christian's ascend into the cloud, the Word will speak and deliver a personal message.  Demonstrations in the Spririt change the worshiping Christian because there is Word in them.  Song, praise, and worship allow the believer to ascend Mount Sinai, as it were, and be covered by the cloud.  Next comes the Word spoken to the heart of the believer.  Hope, encouragement, and love are freely given.  In order to face the wilderness of the flesh and the midnight will, the cloud, the Holy Ghost, is given to aid the believer in separating from them.  The Holy Ghost is a wall of separtion that allows continual forward movement toward the Bride despite the hinderances of the flesh and will.  The Holy Ghost paralyzes the body of sin!

#235 (3/31/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #59 and 60

Please read Psalm 95:1-2.  Two things we can glean from these scriptures:  noise and thanksgiving.  To enter into His presence and be joined to Him takes noisy praise and thankfulness.  Our LORD is a beautiful example of noise.  Noise is an integral part of His creation.  From thunder and lightning to hurricanes and tornadoes, creation demonstrates its gratitude and thanksgiving through noise.  Man is the only one who has a problem with noise; especially in church.  It's ok to be noisy at a ball game or a concert but it's taboo to make noise in God's house.  Noise and thanksgiving are the vehicles through which the  Deep calls unto the deep.  The Deep (sea) of God's Creative power calls to the deep in the soul and spirit of man; a place ONLY THE LORD can satisfy.  When man repents and cleans up himself/herself with the Blood, Fire, and Water he becomes a waterspout, a conduit, and channel to draw up (vacuum) the Creative Power of the LORD.  Whatever the clean heart needs, whatever intervention is necessary, whatever door that needs to be opened will be done when cleanness is joined to praise.  After getting clean it's the praise that vacuum's up His power to create what needs to be created on behalf of the clean heart.  

His Deep calls unto the Christians deep.  There is an emply place in His Heart where the Christian came from.  He is constantly trying to call us back to that place through every circumstance.  A human heart can fill an emply place in the heart of God.  His Heart cries out to be filled with the substance each individual has.  When the human heart uses the tools given it to become clean (Blood, Fire, and Water), when that same heart does not stop but continues on with noisy praise and thanksgiving, the Deep will be drawn up into the waterspout and will connect with the deep in that heart.  He will touch the deep; by experience the heart is returned to the empty place in His Heart.  The heart will then be satisfied and placid.  Perfect peace reigns when the human heart is touched by the Deep of God.  Only He can satisfy the deep.