#212 (11/14/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The Father, I AM, dwells in eternity (space) and is NOW.  Mankind is restricted physically to the Earth (time) and dwells in the past, present and future.  Time and Eternity are joined through the Cross, the Stature of the Son of God, Jesus, which allows mankind to leave time and climb, through Him, up to I AM.  The Cross, the Stature, affords man the tools needed to leave time.  Blood, Fire and Water are provided to allow personal crucifixion which is not intended to be shared with anyone except the LORD due to its personal and private nature.  Only the LORD need know the details of a believer's personal crucifixion.  It's okay to seek counsel and guidance regarding one's own struggles but, they are not to be shared with others.  The Stature is given to provide an avenue through which man escapes Time and experiences Eternity.  Eternity (space where I AM dwells) is where the Bride experiences peace and tranquility over her personal crucifixion and its associated heartaches.  The oral law comes from off the Ark and she is given personal direction and commands regarding who She should share with and attach to.  Put another way, the Bride detaches from her flesh through her personal crucifixion (in secret) to receive commands to attach to others and publicly share His crucifixion.  She detaches to attach.  To detach means to deal with just self and the attachments of the flesh to this world.  Also, allow the Kingdom of God to be established INSIDE first; to climb the stature and appropriate the efficacy of the blood, fire and water.  Additionally, leave earth and greet the I AM, the Father, in space, Eternity.  To attach means to allow the I AM, the Father, to direct the heart to come close to someone who He wants to hear the "old, old story" of Jesus and His crucifixion.  God wants to make the attachment to others under His control and Headship.  Jesus said if you have seen me,  you have seen the Father.  The Bride says, if you have seen me you have seen Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion.  To detach is all about the believer, to attach is all about everyone else.  The Bride selflessly shares the Bridegroom and His Eternal, sacrificial crucifixion so others can know Him like she does.  The Bride detaches to attach!

#211 (11/11/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Daniel 10:2-6.  Please take note in verse 6 of the phrase "and his eyes as lamps of fire".  The word "lamps" in Hebrew is lap-peed.  Turn to Genesis and let's look at the same word lap-peed.  In chapter 15 verses 1-8 we read about Abraham wanting to know the Master Plan and Purposive Will of the LORD.  In verse 8 he asks the LORD, "how will I know?"  The first step in knowing the Master Plan and Purposive Will is make an offering.  Now read verse 17 in the same chapter.  God inspected the sacrifice with His Eyes (lamp/lap-peed).  After the fire from His Eyes inspect our sacrifice, He then reveals the Master Plan and Purposive Will for each Bridal Candidate.  His burning lamp goes through us and then we reap His Eyesight to see Him and His Will.  How will we know?  Bring a sacrifice, let Him inspect with His Eyes of fire and let Him reveal what's next.  

Please read Ephesians 1:18.  The eyes (lap-peed) of fire being enlightened that YE MAY KNOW . . . !  Knowing is having eyes (lap-peed) opened.  Letting His lamps inspect allows us to gain (reap) His eyes that we may know His Will for us.  When I accept His eyes of fire, I reap His eyes of fire.  Fiery eyesight from the LORD gives us a vision of the hope of His calling and the glory of His inheritance in the saints.  Now turn to Exodus 20 verses 18-19.  Lightnings is lap-peed.  At the conclusion of the giving of the law, the LORD came with His fiery eyesight to inspect Israel.  Instead of wanting to know what His Plan was, they retreated from the fire and light and told Moses they wanted him to talk to God.  The nation, as a whole, rejected the inspecting fire and light of the LORD's eyes, therefore, they were constantly at odds with the LORD about His Master Plan.  They chose not to know His Will.  

Please read Job 41:1-19.  This passage of scripture speaks of Leviathan, that old serpent, who imitates God because he is not a Creator.  He has stolen the things of God and made counterfeit likenesses of them.  Notice in verse 19 out of his mouth goes 3 types of fire:  lamps, sparks, and fire.  Up to this point we have been talking about fiery EYES, now we're talking about fire in the MOUTH.  Leviathan, that crooked serpent, has taken the fire of God's eyes and made counterfeit fire to put on the mouth (tongue) of fallen man!  Fire is not supposed to be on the tongue but on the eyes!  Now, when fallen man speaks, he has a counterfeit fire in his mouth that makes him KNOW everything.  We think we know when we say, "Oh yes, I understand".  The hardest member to control is the tongue with the serpent's fire on it!  We speak that we know . . . when we actually don't know anything about anybody or God's Master Plan.  When the eyes see - - - the mouth closes.  When murmuring and complaining fire is vomiting from the mouth, we are confessing that we DON'T KNOW!!!  Knowing God's Will comes through reaping His fiery eyes, not by spewing corrupt fire from the mouth!  (OUCH!!!)

#210 (11/11/18 morning)

Christians are commanded to grow, to constantly be changing by having the Word of God forming and molding the heart into His Image.  For growth to happen, new knowledge must be revealed for the heart to grow into.  There are two types of Word given to fallen man: the oral law and the written law (the ceremonial law was done away with upon Jesus' death).  Awareness of sin is a result of the written law.  If there were no written law there would be no sin.  Sin is a breaking of the law.  The oral law is given to a Christian who has grown into the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: the Ark of the Covenant.  The oral law accompanies peace, giving the believer personal messages of how to conduct their daily lives in public.  The oral law leads, guides, pushes and prods the believer regarding their actions and words.  An oral law message is personal and intimate, just for the recipient. 

Please read Exodus 20:1-2.  I AM is "being", a personal presence, existing now.  LORD is defined as absolute mastery and freedom of will.  He is a Revealer of the Word, the Plan, the Revelation.  Throughout the Bible, the LORD says, "that ye may know I AM the LORD thy God".  That we, as believer's, would receive new knowledge, new forms of the oral law, to experience Him in a new way so He can reveal Himself.  He wants us to choose Him without any feeling - - - so we can give HIM the feelings! 

Please read Isaiah 45:5-7.  In verse 5 we read that He was revealing Himself even when we didn't know Him.  One consequence of sin is the ability of man to err, to lose his way.  Getting lost and making errors are for us to experience Him in a new way.  In error He can reveal Who He is. 

Back to Exodus.  Besides being I AM and LORD, additionally He is THY GOD.  He is all energy, all movement, all power, Supreme over all darkness and opposition.  He has the Plan and the Power to implement the Plan.  God creates.  LORD gives the revelation of what is created and GOD creates.  When afflictions, sorrow, persecutions and pain come our way, we should ask the LORD to help us to look at the One Who is with us NOW and the new knowledge He is offering at the time.  No doubt, He is a Revealer of Himself!  He can help us to leave Time; leave the past, present and future and ascend up into eternity, NOW.  The I AM is with us NOW and gives the revelation of how to become more like Him on the inside.  God then creates whatever is necessary on the outside.  The circumstance will change when the I AM, LORD, has made an inside change.  Then God creates what is needed on the outside.  I AM the LORD thy GOD.  I reveal then I create.  He is the Author (He started it) and He is the Finisher (the one that creates to end it).  WOW!


#209 (11/7/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Peace is elusive.  The modern technological world is the cause of stress, strife, and mental exhaustion.  Constant external stimulus overloads the brain causing frantic, unsettled and confused thinking.  Stress has a negative, internal effect on the vital functions of the body that, in turn, produce disease.  Stress can effect the heart and interrupt its normal function.  It can adversely effect relationships by making a person frustrated, impatient and indifferent.  There is a great need for peace in the modern day, especially for the professing Christian.  The Bible refers to Jesus as the Prince of Peace; this gives us a clue about where peace is found.  We learned in the last lesson (#208) that the LORD is also called the Great I AM.  Being created in His Image and Likeness, man, in his fallen condition, can be called the not-so-great i am.  Peace, at the top of the stature, is found at the Ark of the Covenant after growing up and maturing in the nature of the LORD Jesus Christ.  Peace is maturity in God.  The not-so-great i am, rather than climbing up the right way, would sometimes much rather provide its own "peace" and supply satisfaction through its own labors.   Bypassing the stature, it climbs up another way to the pinnacle of peace - - - while becoming a thief and a robber.  Any number of present day addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco, etc.) provide artificial peace the wrong way.  Addictions are an escape from the boring, humdrum circumstances of life.  The not-so-great i am promises peace which ultimately turns out to be bondage.  Fallen man would much rather provide for his own escape and "peace" and remain the boss than finding it in Jesus Christ. 

Fallen man's home is Time.  Time can be measured in past, present and future as well as yesterday, today and forever.  Man is commanded to grow up into  "the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ" and experience "I AM" at the Ark.  In other word, leave time and experience "NOW".  I AM is NOW!  Everything before the Father is NOW.  Redeeming the time is the same as saying climb the stature and turn time into eternity or NOW.  Detach from time and find peace now!  NOW is the day of salvation - - - now is the time to redeem earthly time and turn it into eternity. 

When Israel made their exodus from Egypt, the LORD gave them Moses, Aaron and Miriam as their leaders.  Moses was the King, Aaron was the Priest, and Miriam was the Prophet.  Fallen Lucifer, being the copy-cat that he is, also gave fallen man the ability to fulfill these ministries within his own corrupt will.  Man has a king, a priest, and a prophet that lead or rule his being.  Man rules by his king, his priest, and his prophet in time.  Spoken another way, he rules his past, his present, and his future by these three entities.  A king rules himself and others. A king demands and receives whatever he wants.  A king is the ultimate authority (the buck stops here!).  The priest is the one who inspects the sacrifice.  He finds fault and imperfections that would be grounds to reject the sacrifice.  The priest rejects or accepts according to what he sees.  The prophet speaks the mind of the old fool on the throne.  "Oh, I would never do that"!  "They'll never change - - - they've been doing that for years"!  "I can't be real for God because . . . ".  "If  God was a God of love, I wouldn't have to go through this"!  Man's tendency is to get bogged down in the past, present and the future instead of redeeming the time and turning it into eternity where the Great I AM is at the top of the stature.  Peace is forfeited when man's vision is fixated on time.  Peace is at the top of the stature so we can publicly go forth and do God's Will given by the oral law.  Peace is maturity in God.   


#208 (10/28/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Hebrews 13:20-21 & 2Timothy 3:16-17.  Notice in each location "perfect" is mentioned with relation to works.  The author of 2Timothy states that blood is needed to do good works so that we can do His Will.  What is perfection?  Perfect means to have peace, to be throughly furnished with all pieces of furniture, maturity.  One of the goals of the LORD in the heart of the Bride is to fully furnish her with all the furniture of the Tabernacle and bring her to the place of perfect peace.  Peace is maturity.  

Please read Philippians 3:7.  How does the Bride win/gain Christ?  The Courtyard and the Holy Place in the stature of the Mosaic Tabernacle (a picture, shadow, type of the more perfect Tabernacle, Jesus Christ) are given by gift.  As we climb the stature and experience, personally, the first 5 pieces of furniture, we use what has already been given by God.  The Holy of Holies, with the two remanining pieces of furniture (the Mercy Seat and Ark), is the place of work where the Bride actively uses the blood, fire, and water in peace and maturity to do the Will of God.  To have the Stature of the Son of God in the heart is a good work.  The LORD communicates to His children two ways:  through the written word and the oral law.  The oral law is given in the Holy of Holies at the Ark of the Covenant where the LORD rested between the cheribim.  To be fully furnished, to be mature and peaceful, to do the will of God is to hear the oral law and be governed by its presence.  This is what is meant to gain Christ:  to hear the oral law, in peace, at the Ark.   Perfection is to be fully furnished and hear the oral law to do the Will of God through good works.  Works bear the image and likeness of Jesus.  Just as a married couple produce a child which bears the resemblance of each, the Bride's good works resemble the LORD.  The Bride grows up to maturity in the written, moral law to become a child again when she listens for the oral law.  In her maturity she must become a child in her faith and trust in the oral law (moral development).  What is the oral law for?  To do good works as a child that bear the image of the LORD in peace, perfection and maturity.  What is the written law?  I'm so glad you asked that question!

Please turn to and read Exodus 20:1-17.  In verse two the LORD states Who He is:  I AM!  He is now, to be right now, no time is involved, His presence is NOW.  His Existence is in the heavenlies NOW.  He is the Great I AM.  We are the not so great i am.  We bear His image because we were created by Him, but that image is marred.  We can expect, outside of Him, to always be i am.  The LORD lives in the now, we live in time.  Our frame of reference is past, present, and future or yesterday, today, and forever.  Whose name are we lifting up?  I AM or i am?