#207 (10/24/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The straight and narrow path is wide in the beginning, but, as it progresses onward toward the journey's end, it gets narrower and narrower.  At the end of the path is the Father's Throne with a small door that the Bride must be small enough to go through.  Inside of the  throne (ark) is the Name of LORD.  The Bride must be willing to become very small, not only to enter into the ark but also to receive His Name.  In order to get the Name, the Bride must go inside the ark;  become so small that she can fit through the door.  

Mankind is going to make a name known.  His will was not created to stand on its own.  He was created to require support from within.  Presently, man is well equipped to make Leviathan's name known.  There is an imposter manipulating the will of man, causing him to make his name known through sin, iniquity, transgression and trespass.  There is an "inside", spriritual problem that displays itself on the outside through wicked, sinful deeds.  To have an outside change, there first must be a correction, an adjustment, made to the inside, spiritual problem.  This is why the Bride's first ministry must be INSIDE.  Allowing the LORD to divorce our will from the enemy on the inside, will cause the Bride to DO right and THINK right.  How does the inside change?  By making His Glorious Name known first!  Confessing His Name and Sovereign Headship allows the power of the Name to divorce the will from the fraudulent impersonator and his counterfeit name.  

The Bride's thoughts have the greatest influence on her deeds.  When the inside experiences a divorcement, deeds change as a result.  He wants to bring His Kingdom inside and rearrange, reinvent, reinforce the thought patterns and deeds with the Name of LORD as the support.  "Let the Kingdom come INSIDE MY HEAD"!!!  Small (seemingly) events and conditions strengthen the Bride by establishing His Headship.  Feeling weak in your spiritual walk?  One reason could be not recognizing the Name (bread) in the small situations of life.  If we gather bread crumbs in the small things we will soon have a slice and a loaf that will satisfy and strengthen.  

Please read Exodus 3:1-5.  In verse five, the LORD wants Moses to take special note of where He is standing - - - right now.  Take note of the place, take note of where you're standing; there is a Name here that is making this ground holy!  The LORD is asking the Bride to take note of where she is on the inside.  Where are you standing?  What name are you lifting up?  Whose name is being known - - - right now?  Wherever the LORD's Name is we will find holy ground.  We establish holy ground in the will by exclaiming His Holy Name and confessing His Righteous Headship.  Every personal event and those involved in it are superfluous.  Establishing the Headship and making His Name known INSIDE comes before all else.  When we see His Name inside, we prepare ourselves to see and recognize His Name when it comes on the outside.  First ministry:  INSIDE!

#206 (10/21/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The LORD pours out His blessing for His Names' sake.  Ministers, prophets, evangelists do many wonderful things in His Name.  The blessings that follow are frequently misinterpreted as a sign that nothing is wrong; why would God bless if He wasn't pleased and satisfied?  Blessings are not, in some cases, an indication that He is pleased.  Rather, He blesses the accomplishments of the power of His Name and remains unmoved against sin.  Man has an uncanny ability to do the right thing the wrong way.  He uses the Name under his own headship, receives blessings for doing so, and remains deceived about his own iniquity.  Man's iniquity is turning from the light of changing inwardly.  He would much rather boss the Name under his own headship and control outward events and conditions.  Not changing inwardly by letting the Name overcome sin is a heinous insult to the Name, the Father, and the Master Plan (Cause).  

Adam's will, in the garden, was not married to anything at first.  There were only two possiblilities that would allow marriage union in his will.  His will was naked, as it were.  The serpent knew, in order to be successful, he had to move from outside Adam's will to the inside.  He appeared outwardly with the intention of moving inwardly.  The serpent knew his only competition for supremacy in Adam's will was the Name of the LORD.  Either Leviathan's name or the Name of LORD could be made known through Adam and his wife.  The two were to dress and keep the garden then subdue and take dominion.  In other words, they were to make the Name of LORD known in their wills, then go outside the garden, subduing and ruling over the entire earth.  Notice the sequence:  get the Name inside first, then subdue and have dominion over the outside second.  Jacob received the Name on the inside first throughout the entire time he dealt with his uncle's intransigent deceit.  The Name came from within and allowed him to have dominion and subdue his enemies outwardly.  When he left Uncle Laban, Jacob was a very blessed man:  wives, children, flocks, etc.  Leviathan concocted his own evil "name".  He used the nature's of Mother Wickedness, Father Wicked, Abaddon, and Lucifer and presented this to Adam using deceit to mask its evil nature.  He presented his own 4 letters, imitatiing the 4 letters of the Name LORD.  We know what happened. . . 

Man now projects himself, His big "I", with Leviathan entwined around the "I".  Man is being manipulated, used, and deceived to make this Leviathitic "name" known.  The LORD's intention is to remove, divorce this nature and name from the will of man INSIDE first.  He wants to demonstrate on any worthy subject the power of His Name to crush the head of Leviathan and replace his "name" with the Name of LORD.  How does this happen?  Recognize the headship of the LORD in every thing  and make His Name known INSIDE.  Our first ministry is INSIDE!

#205 (10/21/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Matthew 6:9-13.  The LORD Jesus Christ taught His diciples how to pray, teaching them to first establish the holiness of His Father's Name.  Before all else, lift up the Name of LORD and exalt the Headship, positioning Him above every situation as the Supreme Cause of all things.  Hallowed be THY Name; not my name!  He is the Head over EVERYTHING!  There is no event, condition, quandary, or dilemma that transpires that does not originate from the Master Plan and the Supreme Cause.  Jesus instructs us as well as His diciples to first position the Name above; exalt His Headship and Master Plan.  Whether low, high, or somewhere in between Christians are to make His Name known right where they are.  Christians (the Bride) have a tendency to challenge God the Father with their deficient, woefully inept version of the torah that originates from the "old fool" in the dark recesses of the midnight will.  We pit our torah against the perfect knowledge, wisdom, and Torah of God.  When this happens, the Bride is guilty of idolatry; setting our torah above the Torah.  There is no event too small where we cannot exalt His Name and Headship.  The battle is whose Name will be lifted up - - - our's (fallen Lucifer's) or His!

Please read Matthew 7:9-13.  Notice here that MANY shall justify themselve before God.  Supporting their justification, they proclaim how much they used the Name and what they did with it.  Look at what they did:  they prophesied, cast out devils, and performed wonderful works IN THE NAME.  They exalted their own headship and bossed the Name and God.  Yes, they did wonderful things in the Name because God blesses for His Names' sake.  Whenever the Name is used for whatever purpose, the blessings will arrive because of the Holiness of His Name.  Apparent, outward blessings do not always indicate that an inner (inside) change has been made.  Our first ministry is inside!  Everything they stated they did in His Name Jesus called iniquity.  In verse 23 He said, "I never knew YOU, YOU, YOU!"  They were supposed to manage their first ministry and let the Name change them on the inside.  Under their own headship they ruled the outside events without having the inside transformed into His Image and Likeness.  He blessed for His Names' sake, not because they remembered their first ministry.  In a word, it was all INIQUITY; taking the wrong direction by bossing God and bowing down to their own headship.  Christians must first establish His Headship in EVERYTHING.  

In Matthew 6:11, we read He provides daily bread.  He comes to us through events, dilemmas, problems, and conditions to greet us with daily bread.  It is part of His ministry to provide bread (daily circumstances) to all believer's.  We miss the bread, we scorn the bread, because it doesn't come in the form we like - - - it's inconvenient.  We scorn the hand of God and his bread when our torah rejects His offering by raising our headship above His.  After all, we know better than anyone else, including God, what type of bread we should eat.  A benefit of exalting His Name and receiving our daily bread is a keen awareness, a recognition, in subsequent situations, of the Name of the LORD.  We sense the Name is coming to us to feed inside.  How wonderful to be able to go through an event and sense the presence of His Name in the midst.  How does this happen?  By managing our first ministry:  getting the inside changed.  By not establishing His Headship first, we forfeit any benefit that it came to give in the form of daily bread.  How many times have we rejected God's bread by not recognizing Him as the Head?  How many times have we been guilty of iniquity by proclaiming our own name?  Our first ministry is INSIDE!

#204 (10/17/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Amos 9:18.  This verse of scripture is referring to the Millennial Reign.  The ground of the earth will be extremely furtile; so much so that the seed will immediately sprout and grow into a mature plant that produces fruit.  When Adam sinned through disobedience he passed the effects of sin on to the whole earth.  Sin penetrated the soil.  When a seed is sown it has to battle sin in order to bring forth new life.  This is why there is such a long time between sowing and reaping mature fruit.  Sin effects the growth of a seed.  

Please read 2Peter 3:10.  Speaking of the Second Coming (the day of the LORD), we read the earth will be purged with refining fire.  The Second Coming is first, then the Millennial Reign.  In between each, the earth experiences a purging of fire.  This fire, among other things, deep cleanses the soil and removes the hampering impurities of sin.  Adam corrupted the earth when he stepped out of the garden, fire purges the earth when sin is removed.  With the impurity of sin removed, a seed no longer has to struggle to bring forth new life in the Millennial Reign.  

Please read Matthew 6:9.  Jesus teaches the diciples how to pray and begins with "hallowed be thy Name".  He established the Headship of His Glorious Father before proceeding any further in the prayer.  Everything begins with recognition of the Name of the LORD and its exalted position.  His immutable Headship is the Cause of all things.  Christians are to praise the Master Plan of the Father and confess His Headship first!  By doing so, they put themselves in proper position with relation to His Name.  All things flow out from His Master Plan and Exalted Headship.  

The LORD wants to commence a "Millennial Reign" in the hearts of every believer after they grow up and understand His Headship.  Remember, in the Millennial Reign a seed, when sown, immediately produces mature fruit.  The LORD wants to do the same in the garden of the heart of His Bride.  The seed of the Word of God is sown in the heart.  With sin removed by the fire of the Holy Ghost, the believer can experience the mature fruit of that seed.  As the "soil of our earth" is purged from the impurity of sin, the fruit of the Word of God is produced in the life of the Bride.  Please pay special attention to the following noteworthy sentence:  A believer's greatest ministry is INSIDE!  Above all else, the conversion of the heart is most important.  He wants us to dress and keep our own garden (inside) and then subdue and take dominion (outside).  The equation is simple:  let the fire purge sin and make a change on the inside first, then direct your attention to the outside and take dominion over and subdue it.  In order to DO right a person must BE right!  He/she must have an inner conversion first in order to be able to execute right choices.  Back to Matthew 6:9.  Hallowed be thy what?  NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME!!!  The Name is to be made known in the garden of the heart (inside).   Get the Name lifted up in every situation first.  When it is exalted inside,  then we can have dominion over the situation on the outside.  

What is anger?  Anger is an indication that the garden on the inside is not being governed by the Name.  Additionally, anger is idolatry---the believer making his/her name known above the Name of LORD.  Humans BOSS God.  They project their own name and assume the position of god.  Anger is also an indication that the kingdom has not come inside the garden of the heart.  What is the kingdom?  His Name!  In the absence of the Name of LORD, Christians willingly assume the role of god and pronouce their own name in the exalted position.  

What is the first ministry to every believer?  To express His Beautiful Name and Headship on the inside to receive an inner conversion.  By confessing His Name a seed is planted and the fruit is reaped immediately.  The fire (sin) purges our earth so seeds can be planted and we experience a millennial reign.  Thank God for the fire!  The Second Coming is to take place in the heart NOW.  Peace is not present because of the absence of a storm.  Peace is usually found in the MIDST of the storm.  Peace is a fruit that can be experienced when the Name is exalted in the garden of man's heart.  Man is capable of doing the right thing the wrong way by making his name known and totally missing the intended inward conversion.  When our name is made known, we forfeit any benefit that could have been received through any given situation.  The first ministry is INSIDE!

#203 (9/30/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Sermon given at the  conclusion of Women's Retreat 2018: "I will go!"

Please read Genesis 24:1-64.  The characters in this story are Abraham, Isaac, and Eliezer.  We know from past lessons that a natural story or picture is a detailed explanation of an event in the spiritual realm.  Abraham represents the Father, Isaac the Son, and Eliezer the Holy Ghost.  Abraham admonishes his servant to find a wife for his son from among his own kindred or blood relatives.  In verse 15-16 Rebekah comes to the well and immediately draws the attention of Eliezer; she had the same character and displayed the same recognizable traits of Abraham.  Eliezer said in his heart, "I recognize her, she acts just like my master!"  Notice in verse 16, Rebekah filled a pitcher and came UP.  The well was a deep hole that she had to descend in to.  After introduction was made and Eliezer realizing this is the one for Isaac, he gives her bracelets.  These adornments were given to represent her as being the "chosen one".  Eliezer began to describe her potential bridegroom.  She wanted Isaac just by the way he explained him.  She made a choice to leave all her familiarity and comfort through the description of a  servant.  She fell in love with the bridegroom without ever seeing or hearing him!  It took Eliezer (the Holy Ghost) to lead Rebekah to Isaac (the Son) by telling all about him.  The believer has never seen the Bridegroom, but we know a lot about Him through the leading and guiding of the Holy Ghost.  Rebekah was the chosen one, but she still had to make a choice and say, "yes".  

The distance between Rebekah and Isaac was approximately 600 miles.  She made her decision with no regard to the journey that was required to get to him.  Notice in verse 42 Eliezer says, "And I came THIS DAY unto the well".  The Hebrew connotation is he arrived at the well the same day he started his journey.  Just like Israel traveling 120 miles in one night during their exodus from Egypt; just like Phillip being taken to the Ethiopian eunuch reading Isaiah in his chariot, Eliezer with 10 camels was transported to the well where he would meet Rebekah! 

In verse 58, after being asked if she would go with Abraham's servant, she simply says, "I will go".  Based solely on the testimony and description of the servant, she makes a choice to go on a journey.  To become a Bride, Rebekah needed a journey of 600 miles sitting on a camel.  Wind, sun, personal discomfort, hunger, thirst, dust and dirt, were all involved in her journey to meet her brdegroom.  She endured whatever was necessary knowing her lover waited for her at the end of the journey---based solely on the testimony of Eliezer!  At the well, Abraham's servant perceived something about her:  how she ruled over the camels and did what was necessary to quench their thirst.  She went UP and DOWN the stairs of the well many, many times while ruling over their thirst and doing what was required.  The Bible does not record any objection, protestation, or exasperation spoken by her---she ruled over the camels without complaint.  Her vehicle to the bridegroom was a camel; she sat on top of the animal and ruled over it knowing it was her transportation taking her to Isaac.  The LORD has given each believer a "camel" to be used as transportation for the journey to the Bridegroom.  As Rebekah, we should rule over this "thorn in the flesh", this "affliction" realizing it is the vehicle by which we get closer and closer to the Bridegroom.  Rebekah said "I will go", but had to ride a "camel" to Isaac.  Throughout the journey, Abraham's servant continued to expound his personal knowledge about the bridegroom to Rebekah.  

Look at verse 64.  At the sight of the bridegroom, SHE LIGHTED OFF THE CAMEL!!!  When she finally reached him, the camel was no longer needed!  When the believer is within sight of the Bridegroom, personal crosses are no longer needed!  In verse 64, she became his wife and he loved her; he was comforted by her presence.  The journey began with a simple confession, "I will go"!