#202 (9/26/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

(This is a continuation of #201; please read #201 if necessary)

Please read Proverbs 8:31-32.  These two verses can be split up into two categories.  Verse 31 refers to eternity past when the Son of God was in the New City being truthed-up by the Father.  His delights were with the seeds in the New City who rejected Lucifer as He, in turn, truthed-up the seeds.  The Truth was theory---for the Son and for the seeds.  Verse 32 refers to Time.  He calls the seeds "children" who must keep His ways by choosing the Truth, in Time, by experience.  Jesus, as our Master Example, made the journey before us to show the Way.  He was truthed-up in the New City, in theory.  He came to Time to choose the Truth again by experience.  As a result, having chose the Truth in theory and experience, He was made both LORD and Christ.  The seeds were also truthed-up in the New City by the Son in theory.  The seeds are passed into Time to choose the Son (Jesus) again in experience.  Joining the truth in theory and experience, they become the Bride.  Predestination was a guarantee to the Son that He would have a Bride!  There are two types of choices:  1. eternal choices and 2.  Time choices.  Eternal choices are those made for the Truth (Jesus) in eternity past in theory.  Time choices are those made for the Truth (Jesus) in time by experience.  The goal of the Father is to join the eternal choices, of the seeds, to time choices with the reward of being in the Bride.  Spoken another way, He wants to join theory and experience in the life of the seed.  Sound familiar?  

Please read John 17:5.  He was asking the Father to glorify Him for choosing the Truth by experience as He did for choosing Him in eternity past when He was being truthed-up.  

Jesus, upon His death, screamed, "It is finished"!  What?  What was finished?  He was saying, "My eternal choices match my time choices; I can now be made LORD and Christ"!!!  When the eternal choices of the seeds match their time choices, they will then be made the Bride.

#201 (9/26/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Opening comments:  There are two types of foreordained ones.  The first type is the group that does make it to the New City as a result of completing their "wall" of choices.  The second type is the group that, for whatever reason, cease making their choices for God while on earth (in sin) and do not make the New City.  The blueprint for stages of light is seed, blade, ear, full ear.  A seed has a lesser capacity to retain light than an ear or full ear.  All truth is given in seed stage.  Truth grows and expands in the heart of a believer as he/she develops toward maturity (full ear).  A seed of truth can be brand new in the blade, ear, and full ear stages.  This is why one scripture is limitless in its revelation.  Think about this:  God is a God of LOVE.  Being omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent He could be any type of God He wants to be.  So, why is He a God of Love?  BECAUSE HE CHOSE TO BE!!!  He chose LOVE above all things!  

Fallen Lucifer was created fully mature. His capacity for light, when he was created, was mature as well.  When he peddled his wares among the stones of fire, the souls and spirits of man were in SEED form.  Lucifer used his mature (full ear) light to make himself appear more than he actually was in the eyes of the seeds.  Being seeds, the souls and spirits of man only knew limited light.  He projected himself as someone who had greater light and wisdom; not only that, but also promised the seeds more light.   He deceived the seeds by promising greater light.  It is important to understand that the LORD, in His Word, does not always explain truth through an analogy, parable, or story.  Sometimes He reveals truth through a principle.  God has 66 principles that are immutable, unchangeable, never wavering.  Learning by principle means finding one of His 66 principles and applying it somewhere else in the Bible to explain another story or event.  We can understand truth through direct revelation or through principle.  In the case of fallen Lucifer, we know how he approached the couple in the Garden of Eden, what he said, and what were his tactics.  By principle, we can discern how he enticed the seeds in the loins of God (going in reverse), and how he entices present day man on earth (going forward).  The principle is the same in every scenario.  He deceived Adam and Eve with the promise of more light, he did the same with the seeds, and does the same with Christian's today.  Because he was mature at creation, he had mature light.  His deception included peddling good and evil or pleasure and pain.  Some seeds chose pleasure; in this life on earth there are those who constantly seek their own satisfaction and pleasure to the point where it is an obsession.  Conversely, we all know someone who wallows in their own pain, dejection, despair and negativity.  They are dark, morose, and morbid.  Some seeds did not accept the "greater light" (good and evil) of fallen Lucifer; for one good reason.  Please read Proverbs 5:21 and Proverbs 4:26.  The LORD created the seeds with the ability to ponder.  Ponder means to weigh, to decide, to choose.  Some seeds utilized this capacity to ponder what fallen Lucifer was peddling.  Their conclusion was rejection of his "greater light" of pleasure and pain (good and evil).  Some seeds chose totally against Lucifer!  The Son of God was in a humility form, a seed.  The seeds rejected Lucifer and chose their Creator Who was also a Seed!  They pondered the "greater light" which didn't make sense.  The Son of God made sense!  Those that rejected fallen Lucifer, choosing the Son of God, were taken to the New City.  Read Romans 8:30.  Those He did foreknow, in the New City, the seeds who rejected Lucifer, He DID DID DID DID predestinate!  

Jesus, in eternity past, was truthed-up by the Father in the New City (Proverbs 8:31-32).  When the seeds who chose the LORD were taken to the New City, they were introduced by the Father to the Son as His Bride.  The Father introduced the seeds to the Son Who would become their Bridegroom. He guaranteed, through predestination, that the Son would have a Bride.  As He (the Son) was being truthed-up, He, in turn, truthed up the seeds.  Truthed-up in what?  The Word of God in theory form.  Jesus received theory from the Father and the seeds received theory from the Son.  

This lesson will be continued in #202 - - - see you there!

#200 (9/23/18 evening)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

                                                 (Please read #199, if necessary, to familiarize yourself with the subject.)

In every situation, the Christian can respond in one of two ways.  First, he/she can confess God as unjust by wailing, weeping, and blaming others for the removal of his/her pleasure.  Sin and idolatry cast a fog of deception across the human heart and establish attachments that successfully keep the eyes off the LORD.  Being deceived, the heart wallows in sin under its powerful spell.  Second, the Christian can repent of what God is illuminating at the time.  He/she can be joyful that the LORD had shown them something to repent of - - - this leads to restoration and joy.  Put another way, one can have earthly sorrow over lost pleasure and "riches"  (Revelation 18:19), or one can have godly sorrow which leads to repentance and restoration. 

Please read 2Corinthians 7:8-10.  God's judgment is poured out on all unrighteousness which is a clarion call to seek Him and repent of sin and idolatry.  Restoration, peace, and joy come quickly upon the heels of repentance.  

Affection is the touch in the soul realm.  The soul reaches out, at times, to the world looking for an attachment to something that gives pleasure and satisfaction.  Sin binds the Christian through the affectionate attachment.  We are to lift up holy hands and bind ourselves to God through our affection, the touch of the soul.  When our affection is deceitfully bound to an attachment of the world, judgment comes to redirect that affection back to the LORD.  Judgments realign, recalibrate, redirect the heart to where the affection reaches upward and restoration is made.  Follow this simple equation:  godly sorrow + repentance = restoration and joy.  

The apostles and prophets in heaven could rejoice because they knew the equation and employed it in their earthly lives.  They knew what benefits would soon follow if repentance was made.  Godly sorrow means having an awareness that God has been wronged.  Earthly sorrow means the recipient of God's judgments has been wronged.  There are four manifestations of worldly sorrow:  1.  The Christian is hurt over the punishment.  2.  The Christian laments over a ruined plan.  3.  The Christian mourns his/her own loss.  4.  He/she bewails the loss of outward, creaturely comfort.  Judgments issue from the hands of a loving Father; He wants ALL our being and that includes our misplaced affection.  

#199 (9/23/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Revelation 18:10-11 & 15-20.  Here John is describing a scene that manifests two reactions from two types of people.  Judgments are falling on the earthly Jerusalem; one reaction comes from the merchants and the other comes from the prophets and apostles in heaven.  The merchants are weeping and wailing in earthly sorrow, the prophets and apostles are rejoicing in godly sorrow.  This concomitant event solicits opposite reactions from two very different groups.  Jerusalem is being judged by the Almighty God for teaching the world to reject the Son of God, the Messiah, and for teaching idolatry to the nations.  Yet, some react in joy, others in horror and tears.  Everyone and everything is known by its fruit.  Whatever fruit is produced by a mature tree is what identifies the tree.  An apple (fruit) is produced by an apple tree.  A lemon is produced by a lemon tree, etc.  The fruit of Jerusalem was idolatry.  The judgments of God are righteous and just.  The LORD takes the fruit and puts them into the winepress of heaven.  The cups are either filled with judgments or blessings, depending on the fruit in the winepress.  In Jerusalem's case, her idolatry (fruit) was put in to the winepress of God and judgments were the result.  He took her own fruit and poured it back on her in judgments.  Notice those in heaven were RE-joicing; they had already "joyed" over God's Judgments.  

 Judgments reveal sin and the deception of it.  Judgments also reveal the frailty of man and the "temporalness" of his vaporous life.  When the apostles and prophet had their turn on the stage of this world, they learned the effects of judgments on their "earth".  Judgment led them to contrition and repentance, turning their sinful judgments in to satisfying blessings.  They experienced personal repentance and its positive effects.  Their personal experience told them that judgments recalibrate, readjust, and restore order back to a godly relationship with the LORD.  They knew that His righteous judgments reveal attachments to sin and idolatry.  When the LORD poured out his wrath on Jerusalem, this caused joy and praise on their part because they knew the city would be changed for the good.  

Please read Hebrews 12:6.  God loves His natural and spiritual Bride.  It is His responsibility to cause judgment on both to reveal the sinful attachments that deceive the heart.  Judgments can cause two reactions:  1. repentance 2. wailing, weeping, and blaming.  Speaking of the first, He desires an honest assessment which leads to repentance.  "Where am I wrong?"  "How can I fix this?"  "What do You want me to do?"  After repentance by the Blood, Fire, and Water, comes restoration and joy. Godly sorrow leads to repentance. 

Read verse 19 in chapter 18 again (Revelation).  The merchants were "made rich" by Jerusalem.  Their's was an earthly sorrow because they suffered loss.  God touched their possessions.  They weren't interested in repenting; they were angry because God touched their pleasure.  Godly sorrow over the judgments of God sets everyone free from the attachments of the heart to idolatry and sin. 

#198 (9/19/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

In eternity past there existed the souls and spirits of man in the loins of God in seed form.  In time there are 3 classes of people:  1. sinners  2. foreordained 3. predestinated.  Let's talk about "foreordained" for a moment.  Please read 1Peter 1:18-20.  We see that Christ Himself was foreordained.  This word foreordained means to walk a certain path, prior knowledge, to voluntarily choose.  We see that, since Jesus was foreordained, His journey on earth consisted of continuous, consecutive choices to do the will of God and die on the Cross.  This is substantiated by John 10:15.  He chose to lay down His life for the sheep.  Now read John 6:38.  We see again that Jesus forsook His Own Will so He could choose the Will of the Father.  Further corroboration is found in Matthew 26:39.  He made a choice to stay in the Father's Will; He was foreordained and made choices to do the Will of the Father.  There are also seeds who are foreordained.  As Jesus, these seeds continually choose to make choices for God in time and make spiritual progress as long as they make right choices.  In the event they begin to make wrong choices, their spiritual progress is hindered; many eventually choose against God and His Son and return to the world.  These seeds have the opportunity to be predestinated - - - based upon the choices for God they make.  Please read Ephesians 1:11 and Romans 8:28-30.  We see in Ephesians that some are BEING predestinated and in Romans God DID predestinate.  The foreordained ones are BEING predestinated by their choices in time and God DID predestinate those He did foreknow.  Foreknow  means a prior choice, a prior confession, to limit in advance. Those seeds who made a prior confession (eternity past) He DID predestinate.  Choosing the LORD in eternity past qualified the seed to be predestinated in time. Foreordained seeds are fenced in (predestinated) on a daily basis by right choices. Daily they are building a fence. Those who He DID predestinate come into time with a fence around them because of prior choices.  

We know from prior lessons, 10% of our being is conscious.  90% is unconscious.  In eternity past it was the exact opposite.  The LORD reversed the order when the seed was introduced into time.  For those predestinated, they chose God in 90% of their will.  Time is to get the last 10% converted with right choices.  The status of a seed in time is based upon choices made in eternity past.  This conveys the powerful influence of a right choice.  Those predestinated CHOSE sin so that they could know the Son as a Savior and Redeemer in the remaining 10%, thus making a 100% choice for the LORD (and becoming the Bride).  All seeds were placed in Adam in the Garden of Eden.  When Adam and his wife sinned, the predestinated ones were joyful because they knew the remaining 10% of their will would be converted by right choices when they came in to a body.  Thus, 100% would choose Him and the Bride was a waiting reward.