#183 (6/17/18-evening-Father's Day)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Note:  This lesson is an extension of #182; please read if necessary

Please read Genesis 22:1-18.  In verse 2, the word "offer" means to lift up, to lay on an altar.  It was not God's intention that Abraham slay Isaac, but to offer him.  It was Abraham's "revelation" to kill his son.  The LORD had to intervene in Isaac's behalf because He did not want a human being slain on an altar to be in His Holy Bible.  The LORD wanted Abraham to walk by faith, which he did, up to the moment he placed Isaac on the altar.  Instead of out-guessing God and assuming he was to kill Isaac, he should have walked a little further, by faith, and placed the ram on the altar to be a proper picture and sacrifice.  The LORD, when He asks us to walk by faith, doesn't always give the full picture of what's happening.  He wants us to go as far as what has been revealed and go no further; wait until the light shines on the next step, refraining from the "revelation" of our own authority and headship about what God's doing or where He wants to go.  

Isaac, a mature, grown, 37-year-old man, witnessed the reality of his father's relationship with God.  He was not a stranger to the good deeds (works) of his father.  Abraham's belief, love, and faith in the LORD God was not lost on his son's heart.  He tremendously influenced Isaac; so much so that he willingly got on the altar.  A close, deep relationship with the LORD will produce good works.  Works are the children of a heart union with Jesus.  People will see God through our good works.  

Please read Matthew 11:2-6.  Jesus was basically saying, "Go tell John about all the good works and stop being offended that you're in prison".  God the Father, in the invisible, begot a Son and was made visible.  Following this, creation (works) was produced as a witness of the relationship between Father and Son.  No, there would not be another.  The works were proof that He (Jesus) came from the Father and had a love relationship with Him.  

Turn to John 6:29 and read.  Jesus Himself spoke these words.  How much plainer can you get?  "For I am from him, and he hath sent me."  Jesus said that if they have seen Him, they also have seen the Father.  The Father "came out" of the Son as He moved and spoke.  Likewise, the stature of the Son should come out of the Bride as she moves and speaks.  Fleshly works join creature to creature; spiritual works join creator to creature.  The invisible stature of the Son should be visible to the world by the Bride's visible works.  

The Bride does not fall apart in her humility, dark circumstances.  The opposite should be true.  Faith in her Heavenly Father and His Wonderful, ethereal Son causes her to be a "creator" in her darkness.  She draws from the substance given her to carry on.  Please read Psalm 139:16.  She takes from her substance and creates a world around her of praise and exaltaion of the Name.  In eternity future, creating will be passed on from the Son to the Bride.  The Father will command, the Son will pass on the commandment to the Bride and she, out of her love relationship with the Son, will produce the finished product.  We must know how to create before we get up yonder; this life is the prooving-ground, the test track.  How does creating begin?  It starts with a love relationship  with the invisible Father, then moves to the visible union with the Son.  Through this union we create a new world.  Creation is proof of a love union with God; the Bride has this.  When she is asked to create new worlds, she will know exactly what to do:  draw from the substance within her given through a love union with Him!

#182 (6/17/18-morning-Father's Day)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Hebrews 11:8-9 &15-19.  Abraham was a "zaw-kane"; he exhibited spiritual maturity.  Please read Genesis 22:1-18.  A good parent means being a good son to the LORD.  In verse 1 Abraham said, "here I am".  He was eager to do whatever the LORD wanted.  Also in verse one, God wanted to tempt Abraham.  As the story unfolds, Isaac accompanies his father to offer a burnt offering to the LORD.  Isaac (by now a 37-year-old man) notices that no animal is present and asks his father where it is.  He said, "you're the sacrifice".  Isaac, influenced greatly by his father's testimony and the reality of his union with God, agreed to be the sacrifice.  He saw the truth and verity by which Abraham worshipped the LORD.  He also saw the belief, love, and faith he had in God.  Abraham's relationship with the LORD so influenced Isaac, that he surrendered to get on the altar knowing the LORD would somehow save him.  The word "tempt" means to weigh it out, to give substance.  Because of his faith and belief, God asked Abraham to offer Isaac and then gave him the substance to obey the will of God.  The LORD will ask us to do things and then gives the necessary substance to perform them.  Faith and belief release the substance to walk in the way He has called us.  Notice faith and belief come first, then the substance follows.  The word "offer" means two things:  to slaughter and kill, or, to lift up, to set on an altar.  The LORD gave Abraham the substance necessary to lift up Isaac on to an altar.  Since there is no biblical picture of a human being slain upon an altar, we can gather that God only wanted Abraham to set him there.  Killing Isaac was Abraham's own "revelation".  The LORD had a sacrifice coming up the mountain (the ram), which Abraham was to slay.  Isaac's faith in God became a reality when He intervened and stopped his father from killing him.  As the Bride walks by faith in the divine, eternal nature of the LORD, she is given the substance necessary to face all situations that the Will of God puts her in.  He will work the WILL and the DO in the heart of the Bride!

#181 (6/10/18 evening)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Genesis 1:26-27.  Take note of two words:  "us" (plural) and "image" (singular).  Now read Colossians 1:12-16.  The Son is the visible image of the invisible God.  In Proverbs 8:24, the author speaks of the Son being brought forth or birthed.  Wisdom was taken from the invisible and brought forth in to the visible.  In marriage, a child is the visible image of a private, invisible union between man and wife.  The child bears the image of the father and the mother.  The Son's will was (is) in subjection to the Father's will and this produced life.  Creation is a result of a private union between the Father and the Son; it is proof of this relationship.  In the same manner, when the will of man is in subjection to that of the Son, children of love (deeds) are the result.  The Bride will have children because she has a private, love union with her Bridegroom.  The Bride's will in subjection to the Son causes an image of the Son to be produced in the form of good deeds toward mankind.  The Bride can be a powerful testimony to the world by staying humble to the will of Jesus.  Her deeds reflect her union with the Son which speak volumes of His love and compassion.  The Bride is the emissary of the Bridegroom to a lost and dying world.  

#180 (6/6/18 evening)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Note:  This lesson is an extension of #179; pls read if necessary. 

To refresh your memory, please read Revelation 12:1-6.  The woman in the heavens (the Bride) is clothed with the sun, has a crown of twelve stars and the moon is under her feet.  Spoken another way, the woman shines like the Sun of Righteousness Who has risen with healing in His wings, she is crowned with the 12 governmental names of the Begotten LORD, and the Father is her humility foundation upon which she stands.  In her humility, night season, she walked on and possessed the humility Will of the Father.  Jesus Christ, our Wonderful Savior, also walked on and possessed the Will of His Father.  The Father unrolled His Will before every step was executed by the Son.  By walking on it, He possessed it; made it His own.  We, as Christians, can choose to walk in the Will of the Son.  By doing so we not only possess the Son's Will, but also the Father's Will.  

The Bride should not fall apart in the night, humility season.  Just as Jesus ruled in His humble circumstances, the Bride should expect to do the same.  In Matthew 21:1-5, Jesus knew crucifixion was soon to come, but He ruled by His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence when He told the two diciples to get the animals.  He took authority in the night; He ruled in His humility circumstance.  The Bride learns her lesson from the Bridegroom and, likewise, rules in her humility.  She rules by creating an atmosphere around her of the Name.  By praising, thanking, blessing, and glorifying the Name of LORD, she is displaying her total dependence on the Name to move in her humble situations.  She is possessing the Will of both the Father and the Son by walking through her circumstances and lifing up the Name.  

Please read Judges 13:17-20.  The angel came with a message from God to Manoah and his wife.  Samson was to be a Nazarite from the womb and subsequently, his entire life. The message was one of restraint, separation, and restriction.  The couple offered a gratitude offering on a rock.  This rock is "tsur" or, the Father's rock.  They gave an offering of praise and thanksgiving on the Will of the Father.  They were grateful for the restraint, the separation, the restriction, and the denial.  They ruled in their circumstance, they walked on and possessed the Father's Will, they were grateful for what Samson would be:  a man of separation and restriction.  The Father declares restrictions, separations and restraint for the Bride.  She possesses His Will by being grateful for every one!

#179 (5/30/18)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

(Note:  a milestone has been reached; this sermonette is the one-hundredth lesson on this website!)

Please read Revelation 12:1-6.  The key to understanding this portion of scripture is knowing that the scene alternates between heaven and earth.  There is a woman in heaven and on the earth.  The woman in heaven is the Bride of Jesus Christ, the woman below is the church.  The heavenly woman ( Bride) is just a part of the church, the church on the earth is driven into the wilderness.  

The heavenly woman, the Bride, is clothed with the sun, is standing atop the moon, and is wearing a crown of twelve stars.  Spoken another way, she is clothed with the glory of her deeds, standing on the humility foundation of the Father, crowned with the 12 governmental names of the Son along with His Headship and Authority.  The 12 names of the Begotten Son rule her.  

Please read Matthew 21:1-5.  Jesus, at this point in His life, would be considered a failure by the world.  In their eyes, He had accomplished nothing that was noteworthy.  He had not attained what any "normal" 33-year-old man would by now.  He was poor and owned nothing.  He was walking in the place of humility during His visit to earth with the moon (the Father) under His feet.  Moon glory of the Father radiated out of every step---every humility step.  In His humble position, relative to the Father, He demonstrated His omnipotent power and authority by telling the two diciples what to expect and what to say.  He ruled His night season with the 12 governmental names of His crown and the moon glory foundation.  The owner of the foal and ass would give them to the two diciples if they just repeated His words.  The words of Christ would bend the will of the owner to give over the animals.  Likewise, the Bride rules her humility night with the Names of the Begotten Son and the moon glory of the Father under her feet.  

Leviathan hates that we repeat what the LORD has already spoken.  They have the power to bend the will of those around us plus, they bend the will of the person speaking.  He is insanely jealous of the praise and worship we give Jesus, the Son of God. The Bible is replete with words that have already been spoken by God.  With a crown of twelve stars and the moon under our feet, we have the power to bend the will by repeating those words and being compliant to the will and way of God Almighty.  Repeating the words of God has power to shape and bend the most contrary will (our own)!  The two diciples just did what Jesus said to do:  they were obedient (verse 6).  By being obedient and speaking the words of God in our humility night we can shape our own will and those around us. Notice, in verse 4 and 5, Matthew says all this was done to fulfill scripture.  Jesus knew that by fulfilling scripture from a former prophecy, He was ushering in His eventual rejection and death.  He ruled His night season with Humility Joy, not concerned with the result of fulfilling scripture.  His satisfaction came in just doing the will of His Father, knowing it would lead to His crucifixion.  The result of obedience did not control Him; doing the will of the Father supporting Him did. 

Humility is not a place to avoid.  It is the place of power, strength, command and rule.  With the Father supporting Him, the twelve names governing Him, and the glory of His deeds surrounding Him, He ruled and fulfilled scripture; taking satisfaction in just doing the will of God. 

What is failure?  It is a word that explains when our own expectations are not fulfilled.  When we don't measure up to the torah of the old man, he pronounces us a failure.  By all earthly standards, Jesus was a miserable failure, yet, He fulfilled scripture, found satisfaction in doing the will of God, and ruled His Humility darkness with the moon glory of the Father.  The Father laid down His will, the Son laid down His will, the Bride lays down her will!  Any humility circumstance is a place to rule.