Christ Gospel Church of Dayton supports missions in many countries such as Mexico, India, Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, and Romania. We also support local charities through monetary offerings, food bank, and more.

Nursery facilities are available for ages birth to age 4.  Scheduled nursery attendants are available for Sunday services, and for Wednesday evening services.

CGC offers our Royal Regiments program for children 4-12 years of age every Sunday Evening, where they have a great time learning about Jesus, singing, playing games, and more. All year long, the children enjoy various activities such as parties, sports, camping, and other activities.

We have an active Youth Group for teens 13-25 years of age which frequently attends several local and out of state functions. These include various youth conventions, concerts, camps, and other activities. On Sunday evenings, the youth fellowship is a time of study in God's Word relative to their world and culture,and is also a time for games and a snack. In addition to these, the youth also participate in a nationwide Bible quiz competition. We feel strongly about equipping teens to face the challenges of life from a biblical perspective.

Young Adult
This area of ministry and fellowship is for singles and married couples ages 18 to age 30. This is a ministry that is focused on the specific needs of this age group.

At CGC Dayton, we feel that it is our main purpose to reach those that hunger for more of God and His Word and desire a deeper relationship with Jesus through various avenues such as prayer groups, Bible studies, sermons, classes, seminars, etc. However, we are also committed to reaching everyone that we can, no matter their particular need or desire. Jesus is the answer to all of life's problems and is able to meet every spiritual, emotional, and natural need. As Christians, it is our duty to be an extension of God's love to all, as He leads. We are able to offer a variety of ministries for each adult group, whether young, middle aged, or older and whether married or single.

We Also Offer:

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Visitation to hospitals, etc.
  • Prayer Requests

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our church or you have a need, you may call our church office or make an appointment to see the Pastor.