Here at CGC Dayton, we believe that "Everybody ought to go to Sunday School" and we have classes for all ages:

Nursery Class - Ages birth to 4 years
This class teaches about Jesus through story telling, coloring pages, and more.

Elementry Class - Ages 5-11 years
This class experiences learning lessons from God's Word through several creative ways, including discussion, workbooks, skits, coloring pages, songs, and other activities to learn how to grow as a Christian and how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Teen Class - Ages 12-18 years
This class studies lessons in a way that is relevant to the issues that teens deal with today. Through these lessons, they learn to walk with Jesus as a young person in today's world.

Young Adult Class - Ages 19-30 years 
This class studies the Word of God through a perspective relevant to this stage of life.Through these lessons, the student learns how to live for Jesus and stand for His truth in an ever-changing world.

Adult Class - Ages 25 and up
This class explores life changing biblical truth. Each lesson has something different to help you grow in your daily relationship with Jesus Christ.