Our Beliefs

Christ Gospel Church is a fundamentalist, Pentecostal group. Like many Christian denominations, it espouses a set of doctrines known as the Apostles' Creed, which states: "I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth; I believe in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord; He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell.O n the third day he rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic (universal) church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting."

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Christ Gospel Churches believes that their ministry is to help Christians discover a closer walk with God, and also that the ultimate experience for human beings is to achieve total oneness with the Divine.  Consequently, the churches' teachings involve helping Christians grow spiritually, until Christ totally fills their lives.


Our Worship

Christ Gospel services are exuberant celebrations. People sing, shout, dance, clap and run as they worship and praise God with their entire beings. Christ Gospel Churches believe that worshipping God embraces all types of instruments and includes various styles of music.


Our Organization

Christ Gospel Churches International, Inc. began over fifty years ago as a small missions group in Louisville, Kentucky, led by Rev.Bernice R. Hicks, who had no ambitions or plans for ministry but had a gift for studying, understanding and explaining the Bible. The headquarters and main church is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The work has grown to over sixty churches in the U.S. There are also churches in approximately thirty two foreign countries, as well as missions and orphan’s homes.


Our Founder

Rev. Hicks' teachings are unique in the way that spiritual themes and Biblical principles are tied together. Hebrew is used to bring out the hidden meanings of words in the Scripture. The core of her teachings is founded on the principle that the Old Testament tabernacle was laid out in the form of a cross and serves as a picture (a metaphor) of the Christian spiritual experience of growing to maturity in Christ. Christ is the head over all things (Eph.1:22), all things work together for good for those that love the Lord (Rom.8:28); and if one seeks the kingdom of God first, all other things will be added (Matt.6:33).

Rev. Hicks has written and published many books. "Every detail of God's Word is important and gives us understanding of what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. It is a serious offense to disregard the details of God's Word, counting them insignificant, because small details are God's big keys which open the doors to God's treasure house of truth, where our understanding is enlightened to see whole new worlds found in God's Word." - B R Hicks